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We’ve all had the urge to see our home again. We want to go back, see our friends and loved ones, interact, and lead a normal life. We never knew we’d end up here, our very minds forced to comprehend that we are now victims of a cruel realm, and those who couldn’t, soon fell to insanity. We took our lives for granted, and now we live with the guilt every single day that we should’ve lived a little more. Yet you wonder what’s stopping us from ending it? We held onto a glimmer in our hearts, with our brains telling us that it is illogical and inconceivable, that we will come home and be reunited.

But what would you do if you unexpectedly saw a thing you longed for behind a barrier? How would you react? Would you shed a tear? Would you become embittered? You wouldn't know unless you saw it yourself.

Omega was sighted recently. A scouting operative made it back to one of the UNCB settlements; his face pale, with bags beneath his eyes. He was found trembling with terror at the entrance of the outpost. As the outpost personnel encircled him, he says "Omega" as he slowly lost consciousness. He was slowly loaded into a makeshift stretcher.

Examinations were made on the patient, and it was found that his hands were bruised and swollen. This couldn't have been the result of his falling unconscious.

It was a long and tedious process to discover the truth of what happened. During therapy sessions, the patient would stay silent, looking down on the floor.. almost as if whatever was being said played back in his ear in a muffled tone. He was beyond repair, yet, we tried the best we can to help put the pieces back together.

At the beginning of sessions, it was clear and evident that the patient was lying about his experiences. His stories ranged from having seen smilers to hallucinating the events, simply making up whatever his mind could conjure. We were sure that his first word to us wasn't a fluke, yet we did not inquire further about it.

He recovered well over time. The transcript below highlights one of his sessions, holding evidence that highlights a key event of a potential Omega discovery.

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