Your Home

Your Home

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Level Classification

Difficulty 1.5/5 This level rarely contains any danger.
Entity Count 0/5 N/A
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Weather patterns reflect your emotional state. Buildings are indestructible. Impassable voids are present.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.5/5 This level is safe with anomalous properties, though may be dangerous for a select few.



fig 1.0 One rendition of Your Home.

Your Home is an adaptive level, taking on the appearance and layout of your own home. This level is deceptive, and made to look like a section of baseline reality. Most wanderers who end up in this level receive a rush of adrenaline, believing to have had escaped the Backrooms. This is unfortunately not the case. Similarly to The Hotel, this level isolates all wanderers who enter and it is impossible to regroup with others. This level is devoid of any entities or any immediate danger.

This level creates an anomalous prison for you, made to look like your home and the surrounding neighborhood. Everything is exactly like it was before you entered the Backrooms. Your clothes, items, food, anything within your house is the exact same and in the same locations. Time passes normally here. If you were to look out any available windows, only the immediate area is visible, with no signs of life or movement. If you were to look far enough, you'll notice the environment eventually ends, leading to a void. Homeless wanderers have reported being put in the usual spot where they sleep. In this case, the limited environment is free to explore and other non-housing buildings can be accessed, including any resources they may contain. All buildings will dispense Almond Water if available. All foodstuffs will also replace themselves identically every 24 hours.

There is nothing beyond the void. Attempting to enter the void will be met with an anomalous force stopping you from moving forward. It is unknown if it's possible to pass this force. If someone were to enter the void, some speculate you'll be taken to another level. If not, it is expected for any and all laws of physics to break down inside the void.

Your Home can display various weather effects. While the weather can change on its own, the weather is also directly influenced by the wanderer's emotional state. These two weather behaviors are referred to as "natural weather," and "anomalous weather." Natural weather is limited to the kind of weather found in your real home, but anomalous weather can range from blizzards to heatwaves. The anomalous weather's strength feeds off of the wanderer's negative emotional energy's intensity. It'll return to calm weather if the wanderer is calm. Hurricanes are documented to be the most common type of anomalous weather in this level, most often occurring when the wanderer realizes they haven't yet escaped the Backrooms. Floods or other weather products will anomalously dissipate on their own after some time; they are not observed to leave through the surrounding voids or any observable exit.

The sky is noted to lack any celestial bodies. Despite the lack of any star, this level still progresses through a day/night cycle at a regular rate, starting with broad daylight, before eventually bleeding into nightfall every 12 hours. The sky looks perfectly normal, barring the absence of any stars or moon. It is unknown where this level derives its light source.

Some theorize that the sky also ends with a void, similarly to the surrounding environment. These two voids are considered separate, and may overlap. The environmental void visibly ends, appearing as a perfect black wall, surrounding the local environment. It cannot be observed or studied due to its nature; any and all characteristics are unable to be seen or felt. On the other hand, the sky void does not visibly end. The sky appears as normal, with no "ceiling." Some also say that beyond the sky's void is the Cogwell Matrix. This implies that the sky's void may be a one-way forcefield, allowing light (or otherwise) to enter from within the void, but not necessarily allowing anything to return to the void. This would explain the daylight and weather patterns, despite an extremely limited space and no star to impose a daylight cycle. All of this is unproven and very difficult to actually observe or test. One would have to be homeless, since anyone with a home is trapped inside a replica of their actual house. Beyond that, there is no documented way to reach the sky's void.



Due to the nature of this level, communities are impossible.



On The School, you must enter the auditorium on the first floor. Go backstage, where it is devoid of light. After being completely enveloped by the darkness of the backstage, you will be taken to Your Home.


In order to leave Your Home, the wanderer must internally accept the level as their new home, evident by an apparent lack of exits. Once this acceptance is reached, the next time they sleep, they will awaken in Starlit Cinema.

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