Voices Of The Dead

fig 1.0 A skull that has a Voice of the Dead.


Eternity and immortality are topics of much debate even among those trapped in the limitless realms of limspace. They wonder when will everything cease to be. They ask when will they and everyone they know die. They contemplate what will stand the test of time and what will be forgotten amidst its constant erosive force. Will I be remembered? Is there an afterlife where I will be for eternity or is there an endless void?

Just as time is eternal, death will always show its withered face. Does it bring about the end of one's life or is death merely the navigator to whatever awaits the fallen? These questions and many more can be shouted into the darkness forever to the place where death is a perpetual despair-ridden abyss where souls cry out all their pasts, worries, and dreams. This eternal prison of death is only known through the Voices of the Dead.

The Voices of the Dead are peculiar and often heavily damaged skulls with the voices of the perished constantly ringing out of their empty heads. Their voices are pained and harsh as if always on their final breaths. Sometimes it is hard to make out what the voices are saying unless the skull is pressed directly against the ear. Though, close contact with the skulls is ill-advised as they are equally dangerous as they are intriguing.

Only noticed by those who have witnessed death, the skulls radiate a choking aura of bleak terror. This aura whittles down the mental fortitude of those caught in its grasp. All the lies that have been put up to comfort oneself from the evils of the world are withered away. Death can not be ignored anymore. Death is brought to the forefront of their minds as an undeniable truth—an unstoppable force.

It takes the strongest-willed people to withstand the crushing weight of the dreadful aura and hear the voices without breaking down. The ones who have seen many die beforehand can listen to the voices and gather the truth from the bleak realm. Among the cries are hints of the terror in the land of eternal death and truths of the many dangers outside.

While the voices do not respond to any conversation attempts from the outside, they do seem to recognize when someone is in the presence of the skull. They commonly cry out for their misery to end in some way. They ask to be let out of their prison or killed with loud voices. After pleading, they may try to comfort themselves by pretending to have a conversation with the outsiders. They tell the story of their life from birth to death in precise detail. They have had an eternity to remember each intricacy of their lives. After all, all they have in the darkness are their memories.

From their stories, one may be able to gather useful information about things like ancient history, limspaces both hazardous and safe, and dangerous entities. They will almost always end with how they would have saved their life from whatever killed them, whether a lack of supplies or an entity. Most solutions they offer could be used effectively to preserve one's life.

Destroying 80% or more of the skull will make the voices quiet. Whether they have been released or simply silenced is and will always be unknown.

Additional Information.

Voices of the Dead are the skulls of those who have died, but the reasons why not everyone's skull is affected are debated. Some claim it to be related to religion. Others claim it to be the work of a distant limspace where their souls are being held. Some even claim it to be a curse. However, most just understand that something is wrong.

Voices of the Dead can form when the skull of a corpse is separated from the rest of the body. This could happen after a few seconds or years. The timeframe and causation for the voices to materialize is a mystery.

The Voices of the Dead are not only created by human skulls. Rarely, other species' skulls have cried out as if hurt. Little is to be gained from the non-intelligent and non-human Voices of the Dead.

Many searches have been made to find the place where all the voices reside, but they have proven fruitless. It is also unknown whether the voices share the same space or whether all have individual prisons.

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