Valley Of The Choir

(Valley of the Choir)

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Limspace Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Few threats in any capacity.
Entity Count 5/5 Entities flourish abundantly throughout.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Entire compositions can be swapped around and devoured.
Basset-Frazier Index 3.66/5 A realm that differs from normal comprehension.

fig 1.0 The last and only picture of the valley.


An entire world heard but not seen, an entire world in perfect harmony, an entire world at war and at peace simultaneously, The Valley of the Choir was truly one of a kind. Life flourished in its own unique ways, the geography was stupendous, and the bounds of reality were pushed back simply with creativity. Within the valley rested the muse of all song—The Ensemble.

The valley was a pleasant breath of fresh air when compared to most other limspaces. Everything was beautiful and unique. The beauty lay not in the visuals but rather in the sounds. The people who had the pleasure of entering the valley found that they could not see anything at all. It was not that they saw darkness… there was nothing to be seen. To most, this change is unexpected and terrifying but, over time people adapted.

Despite light not existing within the valley, the world in the valley did exist and could be interacted with. The world was made of sound but still acted as though made of matter. Every aspect of the world was made of notes. The notes in the valley acted as atoms do in other worlds. The grass whispered against the wind, the dirt provided slow, quiet but ever-present percussion, and the sky beautifully called on all the sound below. The rushing water of the waterfalls sounded chaotic at first but was found to be in time with the rustling leaves of the sturdy and steady trees.

A rough total description of the valley was made after several years but found to be obsolete as the valley had changed in composition by the time the full account was formed. What once was a forest of strings, turned into a frigid field of frosty flutes. Rivers of steady but rushing notes stilled into calm lakes of ambient echoes. Entire mountains of the most exhilarating of keys crashed like cymbals forming rocky rubble.

Over time, the people within the valley learned how to navigate the world of sound by listening to every element of nature. They would walk in tune with the ground beneath them so as to not disrupt the symphony of grand scale. Soon they would learn that their bodies had turned to sound as well.

Existing in sound form is a unique experience few have felt. You could hear every aspect of your body working in conjunction with each other in an entirely unique song to yourself. The heart put down the core beat of your own song with every cell in your body as a note that follows. A highly intricate hypnotic and personal song. Those who became sound could move in perfect harmony with the surrounding songs—adding their own notes to the choir but this new state of living comes with new dangers such as death by dissonance.

The landscape was not the only part of the valley that was made of sound. An ecosystem of soundwave lifeforms danced across the symphonic plains and through the orchestrated forests. The life lived off of the notes within the environment and each other. The transfer of notes was the way of life in the valley. Some lived peaceful lives full of singing to each other while others hunted with overpowering screams of terror. None of the life in the valley was better at causing discord than the Madblares.

Madblares were the second most dangerous sound-based lifeforms to encounter in the valley as they could tear apart sound note by note with their vicious brass blasts. Every note in their bodies was designed to rip other notes off from their prey. With each note they tore, they gained a note to their own mass thus adding to their killing power. The louder the Madblare, the more they had killed.

The main source of notes the Madblares would hunt were the Jingles and Jangles. Jingles and Jangles sounded similar as their notes seemed to have been transferred from the same source. Jingles clinked and clanked to each other in large herds as they slowly took apart the grass reeds in polyphony. The Jangles, on the other hand, clanked and clinked in small families in the forests of steady piano notes. Despite the similarities between the two, both were hostile to each other and would attempt to steal the other's notes. Usually, the Jingles won the conflicts due to their size but sometimes the Jangles would miraculously perform intricate performances and knock down the Jingles.

Of all the sound-based lifeforms in the valley, one stood above the rest in its intricacy and danger… The Ensemble. Wanderers knew when The Ensemble was near because they could hear the world around them begin to grow silent as it was ripped out. The Ensemble was an amalgamation of the sound acquired from all across the valley. Despite its mismatch of notes, The Ensemble’s song was magnificent to behold. It captured all the emotions a person could feel and more. The song could bring back memories of things that had yet to happen. It was truly a masterpiece of a song. Unfortunately, The Ensemble also tore the notes out of wanderers that grew too close. Each of their notes got forced into the Ensemble’s song where they would be for the rest of time as part of the grandest song.

If given millions of years to study every lifeform and their interactions with the valley, we would still be learning new things. Every interaction and new species of sound that was found provided an entirely new field of study. We would only learn after the valley was destroyed why we couldn’t learn everything about the sound world. The Valley of the Choir was not meant to be studied but rather experienced.

The valley seemed like it would remain forever as an experience to change people's lives for the better but human greed destroyed the world. A single person destroyed the realm of sound in a single action that would have insurmountable consequences. A wanderer decided to try and record the valley with a video camera in order to capture the experience and show it to the outside world. As soon as the camera was turned on, dissonance of the grandest scale cleaved through the entire sound-based world. Every note was separated from its mass and thrown about the empty space in chaos. Notes that had no harmony combined and caused more discord among the notes which led to even more dissonance. Elements of notes that had once served as the foundation of the world were mismatched and caused tears in reality. In one final horrendous song, The Valley of the Choir dispersed around many limspaces as individual notes. Everything that wasn’t made of notes was thrown along with the notes. All that was gained from this event was a single frame of the world of sound. The camera was no ordinary camera but rather an object designed to capture frames in time. Perhaps in an attempt to imprison the sound, the realm fought back and fell apart.

The Ensemble must have been quite powerful as throughout various limspace systems, collections of notes with no given form travel around acquiring more notes in a similar fashion to The Ensemble. These remnants of the valley have been dubbed Ensembles. Perhaps the reasoning behind Ensemble's intelligence is due to the wanderers and other life The Ensemble took in.

The Valley of the Choir is gone. Only remnants of the perfect harmonious songs linger. Those lost in the noise are of unknown fate. Are they in eternal pain or bliss?

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