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Aggressiveness 1/5 Unison is a laid back dude, who occasionally indulges in meager amounts of tomfoolery.
Rarity 5/5 The one and only :)
Intelligence 3/5 Certainly not the smartest in the Archives, but always looking to improve.
Pritoria Index 3/5 typically I would put the entire bee movie script here but Im too tired right now



fig 1.0 Unison’s current profile picture.

Unison is a Liminal Archives author who loves to interact with the community. He joined in April of 2021 and is most notably proficient in writing entity articles. Although he greatly enjoys creating his own entities, he is also trying to expand and write limspaces, levels, tales, and hopefully even a limspace system soon!

Outside of Discord and Wikidot, Unison is a 5’10” white male in high school. (Yes, the height was a necessary detail). He is currently growing up on the east coast, enjoying beach trips in the summer and playing ARK: Survival Evolved or some other nerdy videogames in the winter.

Unison is a guitarist, and loves all kinds of rock. He aspires to start a band in college, just to see if it could go anywhere. Additionally, he enjoys creative writing, and will gladly collaborate with other authors. His favorite class in school is ELA, especially when he gets funny or otherwise interesting teachers who encourage creativity.


Unison’s published articles include:

Unison’s sandbox articles include:

Acquaintance Guide

So, you wanna become friends with Unison? Honestly its pretty easy, just follow this simple five-step guide:

  • Post some funny memes in the LA Discord
  • Talk to him about literally anything
  • Sacrifice a newborn to our lord and savior Frank Iero
  • Be a monke
  • Critique his articles (please crit my articles)

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