Timeless Descent

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"The Timeless Descent has always remained featureless, even past the decades ago after we discovered it"

"Never standing out or making itself distinct, it's simplicity is perhaps what it gets any notoriety from…"

"None seem compelled to travel it, and it likely never will be, a bleak baseplate for what one could learn about Limspace."

- Leon Sparks, an archivist involved with several expeditions of the Timeless Descent.


Survival Difficulty 2/5 While typically not dangerous, this space can become hazardous to traverse if not equipped with the correct tools and knowledge in mind.
Hazard Level 3/5 Spikes in airflow can become exceedingly dangerous.
Chaos Rating 1/5 The Timeless Descent is unchanging. The only things that can be attributed to its chaos are the weather and environmental hazards, which remain sparse at worse.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 There is little reason to explore this empty reality.



Some state the dense thickets appear eerily akin to distorted limbs, provoking stories of spiritual nature around this Limspace.

The Timeless Descent is a colossal, dull expanse, typically appearing similar to a vast, spiralling mountain. It is composed of cliffs, dense clusters of vegetation, and seamless pathways integrated into the surface. Floral life flourish despite the spaces stagnant nature, frequently encountered at every corner and area of the landscape. In contrast of these rich and lush features, the endemic vegetation remains otherwise frozen in place in spite of the spikes in airflow. The air is cool and accompanied by a dense fog. These temperature often warrant some form of insulation or protection.

The static nature of everything makes the space achieve a dead, lifeless aura amongst an individual's travels.

In spite of the unchanging nature of the Timeless Descent, weather can be found here. Typically presenting itself as a small drizzle of rain, it is often perceived as no more than a slight inconvenience; however, hostile occurrences such as sudden gales can prove to be volatile to travellers within the Timeless Descent, as they appear without any forewarning.1

These winds can unbalance those traversing the environment and throw them into possible trees, rocks or any other objects, often concussing a traveller, or causing severe injury. Do NOT scale across thin ledges while wind is ravaging, lest you wish to endure the embrace of the foggy void.


The peak, with the fog rearing itself further.

Ascending and descending the mountain is acutely difficult to achieve. The pathways ingrained into the earth spiral around the monumental mountain and allow for an easy travel upward and downward.

Choose to arise, and you will be met with less vegetation, rocky formations, and a thin layer of snow. The peak is a dangerous pilgrimage, and is to be cautiously scaled, as wind currents strengthening as well as freezing temperatures do not make survival a given.

Choose to travel parallel to the peak and descend will lead to the fog getting thinner, shrubbery becoming frequent, and noteworthy ruins of dilapidated structures appearing. While exact details of these ruins vary, they often depict the appearance of a church. These structures are enigmatic in origin, but theories suppose these moribund structures are possible remnants of long since passed outposts.

The property that often deters a vast majority of individuals to descend the Timeless Descent is the limspaces time dilation properties. While often negligible as long as a wanderer ascends the mountain, it becomes excessively more notable the further ones depth is. After exceeding a certain depth, time is notably altered as any action performed is lengthened and all sounds are lowered in pitch.

If a wanderer is still persistent to dive into the depth of the mountain, time slows even further, making each step slower. Eventually after straying too deep into the Timeless Descent, the victim condemned to this fate will be eternally trapped, eternally condemned to reside in the Timeless Descent. Even though the fates of these wanderers are thoroughly known by seasoned travellers, their frozen bodies cannot be seen past the dense fog.

Recommended Equipment
It is advisable to equip yourself with something to retain warmth such as coats, jackets, and any other item that can provide aid. If you are unable to find any source of warmth, utilising makeshift insulation may be a beneficial endeavour.

Finding any item that can claim a firm grip on surfaces are also advised. Simple items such as ice axes or even large sticks should be enough to ensure safety in the scenario of getting suddenly impacted with powerful gales.

Valuable Resources
The Timeless Descent is utterly devoid of any value. No resources are provided throughout travel across the desolate spire.

Recommended Actions
Make sure time spent in the space is acute. Do not stray here long as there are no resources for nourishment. Always be prepared for sudden gales to occur while travelling, as well as being adequately equipped with items to assist possible travel.

Do not traverse deeper into the mountain. Nothing awaits except a perpetual condemnation to the environment of the Timeless Descent.



While the general location of this limspaces entrance are enigmatic; it is believed there is an entrance present within Birmingham that allows for entry to this limspace.


If one is to travel up the mountain they will eventually reach the peak of it. Once reaching it they will be ensnared in smog and sent back to baseline.

It is assumed that the only reason one may desire to enter this Limspace out of sheer curiosity.

Do be wary, as your keen nature is a punishable offense in the Timeless Descent.

Remain vigilant, its basic nature is quite a deceiver.

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