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A hub for Thresholds and other Baseline related documents.

Solitary Limspaces are listed here.

Limspace Systems are listed here.


Locations in baseline reality with liminal properties. Sometimes are interlaced with systems or other liminal spaces, serving as the only method of transport between baseline and the other worlds. They live in forgotten corners and blind spots and are often passed over in silence.

Thresholds are not common knowledge. To regular people, they lie under the fringe, the conspiracy, the schizophrenic. Those who know, know; and those who don't, disbelieve.

This Sewer System Hates You
08 Oct 2022 21:35, ✎ 6019 9 (+11, -2) 

Tree Line
31 Mar 2022 20:12, ✎ 3502 12 (+12, -0) 

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