Threshold Contest 2021

Threshold Contest 2021

In this world are locations that break from the natural laws: distortions in space that mark the barrier between the known and the unknown. Like the sea as the tide changes, liminality represents the place between a start and its destination, between one state of mind and another, between baseline and liminal space. These are Thresholds, and they exist all across our planet.

Come and pass through the thresholds between here and there.

The contest is over!

Congratulations to AlmardukAlmarduk for first place with a rating of +6 on A Vision of Folamh Gard. Congraduations to BetterMyButterBetterMyButter and VizloxVizlox for second place with a rating of +4 on This Sewer System Hates You. Finally, congradualations to DrainedWellDrainedWell for third place with a rating of +3 on No Man's Land.
There were a lot of entries this time, and thank you to everyone who took the time to read and vote on most of them. The entrants should finish up their entries on the sandbox, get crit if they haven't already, and post to the main lists. Leave your contest entry pages as-is!


Threshold Entry Author
Recondite Painting BloofBloof
Flashlorton Campus DarkZplaysDarkZplays
No Man's Land DrainedWellDrainedWell
Bermuda Nautilus98Nautilus98
Pulsus Abyssorum HidandSeekHidandSeek
A Vision of Folamh Gard AlmardukAlmarduk
A Haunting Beneath Paris BetterMyButterBetterMyButter
The Apex BloofBloof
This Sewer System Hates You VizloxVizlox and BetterMyButterBetterMyButter

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