The Womb

Difficulty 2/5 The environment is oftentimes inhibiting yet ultimately navigable.
Entity Count 2/5 Some passive creatures may chance upon this area.
Chaos Gradient 2/5 Impossible geometry is present and physicality is sometimes unstable.
Basset-Fraizier Index 2/5 This is a generally survivable location, albeit dangerous if one is uninformed.


fig 1.0 — Fleshen Hell

> Introduction

The Womb is a laceration in the flesh of reality. It is entirely comprised of biological material; such material pulsates with vaguely living energy. As for the exact location, the barren fleshscape lies afloat in a distant sector of interspace — hence the obscurity and lack of in-depth exploration.

The following information was compiled by John E. Alldredge, the leading archivist and expeditionist in matters pertaining to The Womb and surrounding limspaces. The limspace chain connecting to the area was discovered accidentally as Alldredge took a detour while travelling in the Hecate System.1

> Description

The Womb is a fleshen emulation of human architecture, complete with biological bulbs and meat corridors. Narrow hallways are labyrinthine and fractally branch in countless directions. The maze-like structure can be disorienting, as the physicality of the hallways is impossibly expansive.2 In addition to this, the atmosphere itself is hindering as there exists a negative energy (perhaps a subconscious warning) alongside a pungent odor of blood; however, one is quickly desensitized to this metallic odor after prolonged lingering in the area.

Generally, the fleshscape is distinctively residential and familiarly human; nonetheless, bizarre phenomena is also present. Natural formations such as tendons, which stretch from the ceiling to the ground, inhibit travel. Blood slowly gushes from the walls, often pooling at depressions in the ground. And though rare, occasional sections of brain matter may be chanced upon. But most remarkable of all, the naturally-occurring fungi is considered an important feature that could be further researched to better understand the ecosystem.

Biomes are made evident after further traversal: acidic gastrointestinal passageways, blood-flooded halls, and catacombs of skeletal remains.3 But despite this diversity, a consistent feature remains throughout the whole area: the internal heartbeat trapped within the walls. The low thumping noise subtly permeates the air, and if one were to listen closely, the thumping atomizes into millions of now-apparent individual beats.

One should remain cautious, as occasional chasms pose a threat to unvigilant travelers. These abysmal pits appear bottomless, and they haven't been explored before. Notably, a resounding cacophony of low screeching can be heard deep within the pit. Additionally, a sulphuric odor emanates from the holes. Some speculate that these chasms could lead to a surrounding limspace.

> Ecosystem

Being comprised of meat, the environment makes food sources ubiquitous; resultingly, it provides creatures with an eternal supply of meat to sustain themselves. These beasts often surround veins of brain matter which seem to be their main source of sustenance. The ready access to food material has rendered them fatigued and pacified. No longer do they have to hunt to survive. And now deprived of work and harm, the beasts have given up their purpose to become lethargic leeches.

Lighting is provided by organic bulbs, now called fleshbulbs, which grow on the ceiling. Once picked like fruit, they slowly regrow which gives the area sustainable lighting. Fleshbulbs are revealed to be bioluminescent organisms upon closer examination, and they are interestingly sensitive to touch. It should also be noted that the light emitted is relatively dim but barely enough to outline the shape of halls.

Similarly, sparse patches of meaty fungi sprout from the floor. Alongside edible fleshbulbs, carnal fungi is the main food source for wanderers. And interestingly, it has been discovered that the fungi possess a unique property: they contain dreams which imbue the mind with foreign memories once consumed. It is unknown whether these depict factual events or mere simulations. This phenomenon has been documented in-depth in the following document.

> Access


  • The only sustained entryway is a metallic access door which is situated along a pathway in Journeyroads. It is unknown if there are other possible entrances that await discovery.


  • One can always exit back through the access door, but it has been noted that abysmal pits may lead to surrounding limspaces; however, this remains untested.

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