The Ruined City

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Level Classification

Difficulty 5/5 The level is populated by large numbers of hostile entities.
Entity Count 5/5 Many hostile entities.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Portal shatter causes hostile entities to frequently appear in random locations.
Basset-Fraizier Index 5/5 This level is highly anomalous; avoid it at all costs.



fig 1.0 The Ruined City.

The Ruined City is the ruins of an infinite city that was desolated by fallout from the supernova of The Eye of God. The landscape is mostly composed of rubble, crumbling remnants of walls, and twisted rebar poking up from the ground.

After the supernova, the ozone layer was decimated by the blast. The sunlight is blinding and lethal, throwing every shadow into sharp relief and forcing day travel to follow the cover of the standing ruins. Skyscrapers have been either decimated completely or reduced to a remnant of their ground floor by debris. Concrete basements can be inhabited by wanderers seeking shelter in this wasteland.

Underground structures are still unsafe so it is advised to stay cautious. The various entities which inhabit The Ruined City have been known to hide from the sun in basements and cellars. As a result, wanderers will need to search the area before setting up camp. Desperate wanderers will often clear out entity nests by igniting firesalt charges.

During the night, entities will leave their diurnal shelters and roam freely which makes traversing the debris-littered surface an even more dangerous feat. Portal Shatter from the fractured Eye of God beam portal continuously deposits entities from other levels into The Ruined City. Wanderers are advised to avoid areas where the floating embers seem to be congregating, as a new portal may soon form and dump more entities into the level.

Wanderers usually have two options: moving on the surface during the day or during the night. Daytime travel is ideal for avoiding entities but the risk of being scorched by encroaching rays of light is ever-present. Wanderers traveling by day should always find shelter by noon when the sun will be directly overhead, so they can wait until the shadows pass to the other side of the walls before continuing their trek. Wanderers can traverse the surface at night to avoid being scorched but risk being dispatched by entities. Nighttime travelers are advised to be armed, mobile, and able to flee across the jutting wreckage at any moment.

The Ruined City also includes a number of hazardous areas such as lakes of molten metal which remain from fragments of The Eye of God that melted down during entry. These lakes radiate extreme heat and can reflect the deadly sunlight during the day. These metallic lakes should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, a few intact fragments of The Eye of God can be discovered in this level.

These immense pieces of wreckage are heavily infested with entities, especially the notorious lens fragment which serves as the center of the portal shatter effect. Although the lens fragment contains the beam portal, which would be of immense value with its ability to connect to any level, the entity count within the fragment is far too high to be dealt with, even by large, heavily armed groups.


UNCB Research Headquarters

The UNCB Research Headquarters, a mineshaft under the original base before the desolation of the level, is an underground facility dug out of the rock beneath The Ruined City. It is mostly populated by scientists with a slight minority of soldiers, administrators, and assorted staff. It is responsible for the management of all UNCB scientific projects and is home to the UNCB's most important experiments. The exact details of the bunker are unknown, and rumors range from unethical entity-human hybridization to costly equipment such as particle accelerators. Since the UNCB has not granted archivists access to the facility, these rumors can neither be confirmed nor denied.

BEA Outpost Boja

BEA Outpost Boja is a BEA outpost that is used for storing and selling both legal and illegal goods. It is operated inside of the remaining bottom floors of a ruined skyscraper, with a bazaar of UV-blocking tents set up around it. Several Jade Razor Clan mercenaries under contract to the BEA police the outpost and guard against entities. This outpost is most commonly known as the center of the Flat Gas incident of 06.

PS-MO Bunker 001

Post-Supernova Mining Organization Bunker 001, often shortened to PS-MO 001, is a bunker located deep underground dedicated to the extraction of steel from the Dyson sphere remnants. This has proved to be a dangerous, yet profitable, endeavor.

Entrances and Exits


The Ruined City can be entered through doors found in the ruined skyscrapers in the outskirts of the Neighborhood of Darkness.


Entering the remains of an apartment building leads to The Apartments.

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