The Other Worlds Blue Fields

Below is a discussion board on the niche paranormal site “The Other Worlds” created by Seeker Sarah to gain valuable information on possible thresholds and entities that civilians have discovered. This board is an example of how we should interact with those outside of the archives that have interacted with liminality elements.

Guys, I discovered something real that I shouldn’t have. I am freaking out so bad right now but I need to get this out before I can't anymore. Last night, I was walking around the park down the street from my apartment late at night listening to music when I noticed everything suddenly lit up. I looked up and saw that I was now in the middle of a field of tall bluegrass. I freaked out and thought that I had zoned out and ended up somewhere outside the park. But I looked up and saw that the sun had strange line patterns across it. It looked almost like a giant eye staring directly at me. All I could do was stand there staring at the sky.

Then, I heard the sound of footsteps. These footsteps sounded like they belonged to some giant animal and they were getting closer to me. I hid in the grass and saw a creature that I bet even the devil is afraid of. I couldn’t see the upper half of the creature but the lower half that I did see made me freeze. I saw its bones shaped like pillars and pulsating green flesh as with each step. I couldn't believe that such a creature was real.

As soon as the monster sounded like it was far enough away, I got up and ran. I didn’t know where I was running but I was running anyways. I saw a ruined house a short distance away so I ran to it. As I was running I felt my skin being pricked by thousands of needles and heard a powerful ever-growing hum come from the sky. I felt my body tell me not to look up but I couldn’t resist and turned my gaze upwards. In an instant, I fell to the ground as if an anchor was tied to my back. I only saw it for half a second but I think it looked like a snake or maybe an arm.

With my face on the ground, I crawled to the house. It felt like it took hours but I finally made it into the house. Once I got into the house, I felt the weight on my shoulders ease. The cool air of the house brought to my attention that outside was swelteringly hot. I was sweating more than I have ever sweated before. I looked around the house and found a crumbling skeleton in a majorly chipped bathtub. It was holding a photo of some people and a leather book. I have the book with me now but I didn’t open it when I was in that house.

I stumbled around the rest of the house searching for something that may answer where I am or a way back home. When I cycled back to the bathtub, I was greeted by a pained voice2. I found that the voice was coming from the skeleton in the tub. It told me their story. It told me of all the joys and sorrows it experienced. It told me all the places it had gone and the legends it created. They ended their story by telling me to escape before the sun goes down. There would be a puddle in the blue field that could take me back home. I looked outside and saw the sun beginning to set. I ran out of the house to the field where I came from. With the shadows growing more and more I searched for the puddle. When I finally found the puddle, there was only a sliver of sunlight left scraping the landscape. Without thinking I jumped in the puddle and fell through back to the park.
When I arrived back in the park, I was greeted by shocked policemen. They were looking for me. They took me back to my house and mother and questioned me. I told them all that I had gone through. They laughed and told me that I had been gone for three days. They then told me that I was going to have to be tested for any drug or alcohol use.

When the tests were done, I returned home and began to type out this message to you guys. My mom and the police think that something is wrong with me. I think they are going to take me to some institution to “fix” me. I know that what I experienced is real. I have the book from the skeleton! It matches the story of the skeleton with some in-between notes on peculiar things like living houses and bright fruit that screams when eaten.

Please tell me what to do. I am not crazy. Please, has anyone experienced this? I am not crazy!

nice story bud. try harder next time

I believe you! I would love to hear more about this from you. Where is this park you were walking through? Also, can you send a picture of the journal?

Spooky9 to MountainloverK
I don’t want to dox myself. However, I will DM you a picture of the journal. I have been reading through this journal and found out that the author was part of some group that explored places “between reality”. I wouldn’t believe it had I not traveled to another world. There is little information on where I stumbled into. They wrote, “The bluegrass fields are home to many interesting entities. I found an abandoned house like that from the 1900s and decided to make it my base for the time being. The sun is setting, so tomorrow I will explore more!”

I need to do more searches for this archive that they frequently mention.

That journal is very pretty even tho it's torn. I have heard of people stumbling upon places like what you mentioned. Perhaps, you found one of the places they did? I would like to hear more about this when you have the chance. I have friends who know lots of stuff about the paranormal. So, if you have questions, feel free to ask!

If my experience with the other worlds has any weight, I’d say for you to go back to the blue fields. Run quickly before the government takes it and MILITARIZES it. Hurry!

MountainloverK to RadMimic2
I would not recommend doing that. If you do, invite some friends and invite me. If you don’t go back to the blue fields, then just chalk everything up to a dream. That is what most people do.

UPDATE: I went back to the park around the same time that I went last time. Some shifty-looking people kept searching around the park and whispering. I called out to them and asked what they were looking for. They told me that they were searching around for a child’s toy. I asked what kind of toy and they hesitated before saying a yellow rubber duck. This told me that something was wrong. Who goes to a park with a rubber duck and why would four people be searching around for it? My first guess was they were trying to find the dead drop of some drugs or something. However, I quickly found that they were not looking for a duck but a portal. They didn’t call it a portal and they only spoke of it once but I knew immediately they were searching for the blue fields.

I hid around in some bushes and waited for them to leave or find the portal. They looked around for half an hour before they left. I quickly went back to wandering the park in search of the portal. But, I couldn’t find it. All I have to go off of is that I suddenly appeared in the blue fields when I was walking through the park.

If anyone has any experience with other worlds, please let me know how I can return. I need to go back and prove it's real.

BrainDrain6 to Spooky9
Sounds pretty suspicious. While I don't believe those people to be some secret government people, they seem pretty organized. Are there any cults or such around your area? Lots of the encounters people write about have some cult ties. Cults are scary.

I haven't tried any of those dream entrance techniques with all of those crystals and candles but maybe you should try that?

Why do people still believe this? This is obviously fake.

MountainloverK to Spooky9
I know a few things about the other worlds. Do you mind messaging me? I can help you. I did some research to see if anyone else has been to a place like you described and I found a couple of resources I’d like to share with you.

The fields of blue, are what drew you. Time left to go back, you will lack. Forever calling, the blue fields are bawling. Return quickly home, lest the titan roam. The sun falling is the cue, it is time for you to owe what is due.

Messages were exchanged between Seeker Kaya and Spooky9. Info gathered revealed the park's location and thus led to an investigation into the park for the threshold of the blue fields by the Venturers. The threshold entrance has not been found. Spooky9 was found frantically searching the park before the deployed Venturers found and brought him to a nearby restaurant for questioning and comfort. Spooky9 turned out to be highly in tune with liminality and more likely to stumble into a threshold than most untuned. Spooky9 was offered to join the Venturers on a job investigating a nearby threshold. Ever since Spooky9 is now known as Venturer Solomon.

The journal was found to have belonged to the late Venturer Mako. Their journal contained countless discoveries about numerous unknown limspaces. His efforts would have been in vain had not Spooky9 found his journal.

Despite our efforts, the threshold of the blue fields has not been found again.

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