The Lost Prussian

The Lost Prussian

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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 1/5 Although armed with the Dreyse Needle Gun, bayonet intact, and well-maintained, Kirsne will not resort to violence unless physically and blatantly provoked to do so on the ground of self-defense
Frequency 3/5 Kirsne has been documented numerous times over the years he has been wandering lost and alone.
Intelligence 2/5 Knows only what he has been told.
Pritoria Index 2/5 A harmless existence of which there can be no discernible cause for concern or alarming futures.


The Lost Prussian, or Hans Kirsne, is an ancient collection of bones wandering interminably through places where the eye cannot go. Wearing his Pickelhaube and brandishing a Dreyse Needle Rifle, his chattering and clattering will betray his presence from the next room over onwards.

Although he can no longer speak, Kirsne is friendly and always willing to allow company in his travels. Songs for marching put some pep in his step. Don’t follow him for too long or you’ll get just as lost as he is.


Endlessly marching in search of his comrades, Kirsne is friendly and can be approached without fear of reprisal. Do not touch the rifle or you will be swatted, but this is his only apparent violent impulse.

Despite being outwardly friendly, there is a limited number of ways Kirsne can communicate and he is frustrated by this whenever it becomes apparent that it is difficult for him to be understood. It is believed that he always ultimately travels alone.


A bag of bones in rags with a spiked helmet and a pristine rifle. Boots are whatever footwear can be found wandering endless catacombs of naught everywhere and every day. Never tiring, always fully believing his unit is around the corner.

Although over the years Kirsne’s bones have worn down, he is never in short supply of new ones from the lost dead who can never be found by those who know the way back.


During the Austrian and Prussian Brothers’ War, Hans Kirsne was trying to make his way to the battlefield when he became lost in a small village and never found his way back to the beaten path. Ever since then he’s a sight seen by many of the unwashed and clueless characters who stumble into the space in between the spaces.

The first documentation comes from when he still had spots of flesh, although other than that he was displaying the same characteristics he would be known for. Nobody knows if he ever spoke.

Known transcript of non-verbal communication patterns

Clicking boot heels together - The mark of respect

Chattering Jaw - Laughing or enthusiasm or vigorous opinion

A pantomime of polishing his rifle without having anything to polish it with - A desire to be left alone.

Water damaged document found on Boundless Retail

Survival Guide

Wherever he is found it is always by someone who is where they are not supposed to be. If you encounter Kirsne then it means you are close to becoming truly lost. Find a way back because this friendly skeleton does not make for a fortunate traveling partner.

It is easy to characterize Kirsne as a harmless vagabond but the fact that all who follow him become truly lost prevents his harmless outward appearance from being totally accurate. Should you hear his bones approaching, exercise caution and make your way back to the known unknowns. Stay away from this friendly spiked skeleton if you value your pathfinder's privilege.

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