The Eye Of God

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This level no longer exists; the following file is an archive.

Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Lack of sustenance or materials, moderate entity count.
Entity Count 3/5 Moderate levels of hostile entities.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 Level is stable.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 Devoid of resources, possessing only entities.



fig 1.0 Inside the eye.

The Eye of God was never truly a level; rather, it was a vast metallic megastructure constructed in the space above The Ruined City. Its steel-constructed halls threaded with networks of conduits and superconductors were mistaken for an ordinary level until level key triangulation returned the same values as The Ruined City, prompting expeditions to the level's top and bottom floors in an attempt to discover its connection to The Ruined City.

The expedition to the bottom of the level revealed that the outer floor bordered space, and was lined with hangars and docking ports for spacecraft of unknown design. None of the aforementioned spacecraft were ever found, suggesting they were taken in a mass evacuation of the level by its builders. The reason for this abandonment remained unclear. Computer terminals found in the level could be powered up to display a repeating message in the same unknown language as the level's signage, which was hypothesized to have been a warning of some kind.

Additional information was uncovered when the second mission reached the level's uppermost floor and discovered in the core of the level, a large blood-red star encompassed by the spherical structure of The Eye of God. The vast chamber appeared to be designed to focus the entire output of the red giant into a massive lens, forming an immensely powerful beam of energy. The level's resemblance to a giant eye earned its name after a scout's report described himself as feeling "Like a speck, just a mote in the eye of God" at the sight of it. Later spectral analyses of the star at the heart of the level determined that it was in the final stage of its life and could supernova at any time. This is thought to be the most likely reason for the structure's abandonment.


There were no colonies or outposts. Habitation of the level was forbidden by the UNCB and the level's true nature classified, as the possibility of any faction gaining control of the level and using it as a weapon to devastating effect was considered too dangerous to allow.

The UNCB once considered establishing bases on the level from which expeditions could be launched to gain control of the level and its immense power-generating capabilities. However, the UNCB ultimately deemed the plans unfeasible as the control center was an estimated 120 million miles from the point of entry.

Entrances and Exits


The Eye of God was accessed by noclipping through any ceiling in The Ruined City or entering any of The Ruined City's observatory and using a telescope.


Climbing a conduit shaft leads to Electrical Station.

Destruction of The City
In the post-reset Backrooms, the star in the center of The Eye of God underwent supernova in the distant past, completely destroying the level. Chunks of it now reside in the ruins of The Ruined City, which sustained heavy damage from the fallout.

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