The Eternal Sky

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Level Classification

Difficulty 0/5 This level permanently suspends your mind and body in a state of perfection. The level has no threats.
Entity Count 0/5 N/A
Chaos Gradient 0/5 N/A
Basset-Frazier Index 0/5 This level is dangerous to enter as there is no escape.


The Eternal Sky is the most unknown level of The Backrooms that is currently documented. Its nature causes it to be contained within and surrounding The Backrooms.

The Eternal Sky is a series of relatively empty voids with almost nothing but a large sky wrapped around it, mimicking the level one is currently outside of. The underside of the level is typically visible above one's head. There is no visible floor made of tangible matter. Other than these characteristics, The Eternal Sky is largely devoid of any standard matter despite the humans and man-made objects lost within it.

The Eternal Sky is what is outside of normal levels. It is a large interconnected void, presumed to be the main source of Mend-Sedimen Energy. This energy stores acoustic waves within it and when released into The Backrooms, the ambient energy can travel into Precursor Terminals, creating audio files.

Due to the immensely high concentration of Mend-Sedimen Energy, it affects the human body, along with man-made objects. It affects one by putting your body in a state of perfection, not allowing you to ever die, age, get wounded, or lose your mind. Mend-Sedimen Energy does not typically react this way to humans and it is believed to be a quality of The Eternal Sky specifically.

It is theorized that once The Backrooms gains a new level that this level becomes entangled with The Eternal Sky. This entanglement is presumed to allow a point of entry to form within the new level. This point of entry can be interacted with, theoretically materializing one in The Eternal Sky.


Due to the enormous size and minuscule amount of people within The Eternal Sky, permanent settlements cannot be established.

Entrances And Exits


This level is presumed to be entered through one point within every level. This point must be interacted with to materialize one in The Eternal Sky. Though, none of these entry points have been discovered as of now.


This level has no known exit.

First Contact

Foreword: The following is a collection of sound files found on multiple Precursor Terminals.

Where the fuck am I?
Please tell me someone is there.
Is anyone there?
Where am I?

A day or so of silence and occasional footsteps.

A sigh is heard. Helloooooooo?
Can anyone hear me?
I was on that one level, the fucking apocalyptic city one!
My group left me and I walked into a store!
The floor disappeared and I fell through!
I'm here now!

A few minutes pass.

Nobody's here.
All I can do is walk.
I hope there's a way out.

Approximately 2 days pass of footsteps and muffled sniffling.

I've been walking for 4 goddamn days!
The floor is invisible!
I can't tell what direction I'm going!
Everything is the same goddamn sky blue!

Obscenities are thrown around for a few more minutes until he goes silent.

If I don't get out.

I don't know what I'll do.

3 days pass of footsteps and muffled sniffling again.


3 more days pass of silence.

Ten days.

7 days pass.

Sobbing is heard followed by the click of a hammer dropping.

No. No. No no no no. No!

A few more clicks are heard before the sound of the magazine falling out is heard.

I don't understand!

A knife is unsheathed followed by him presumably attempting to stab himself.


He slowly breaks down into a crying fit, continuing for numerous hours.

Over the next couple of years nothing of substance is heard except for footsteps.

Closing Statement: It is unknown who this man is and how he ended up within The Eternal Sky. Audio is still being received as of the present.

Most information of The Eternal Sky comes from this log, paired with few theories.

Some rumors state that he is part of the group of people known as "Prometheans".

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