The Domed Forest

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Domed Forest

Limspace Classification

Difficulty 1/5 This limspace, due to outposts and paths, is relatively safe.
Entity Count 2/5 The Domed Forest is home to an average quantity of entities.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Weather is the only element of chaos in this limspace.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.3/5 This limspace is slightly anomalous in comparison to other limspaces.


Despite my efforts, I was unable to persuade the UNCB administration to declassify its files on the domed system. Apparently, Precursor knowledge is far too valuable to simply hand out directions to. Regardless, the domed system has the desired safety and connection to the Backrooms necessary to sustain civilizations and their inhabitants. I cannot withold this information from wanderers. If the UNCB will not release their files, I will release mine.

~Evlyn King


The Domed Forest.

The Domed Forest is a pine forest that stretches infinitely, all encased within an impossibly massive dome. Despite being infinitely large, the landscape appears to resemble a fractal pattern which allows for predictive mapping and an incredible sight from above. According to my estimates, the dome is at least a mile high. To be frank, I have not the slightest idea of how this dome is physically possible, as it covers infinite area while seeming to be curved overhead at every point.

I have come to believe the Domed Forest is the center of a system of connected limspaces, each similar to a biome from baseline reality. Many have pointed out that the domed system has a unique connection with the Backrooms, giving rise to the false notion that the domed limspaces are levels of the backrooms. Despite the connection, I firmly hold that the domed limspaces are a distinct limspace system with their own theme.

The Domed Forest, unlike the other domed limspaces, doesn't have an impenetrable dome. This has lead me to believe the dome is constructed of a prototype of the material used in the other domed limspaces.

After reaching the barrier with a lighter-than-air craft and breaking through it we discovered a gelatinous acidic liquid that began to pour from the hole we made. The unknown liquid seemed to change its hue and luster over time to mimic the boundless variation of the sky in baseline reality, its beauty distracted us from its danger. In a grave oversight that haunts me to this day, we lost one of our own to learn of its acidity. The deadly fluid ate through Dr. Bates almost immediately despite his protective equipment. The plan had been to get on top of the dome but unfortunately the liquid just kept gushing from the opening. The liquid eventually hardened, forming an icicle shape that hangs from the dome.

We have concluded that the dome is controlling the environment of the Domed Forest. The warmth and light of day must emanate from the dome itself. The seasonal cycle remains mysterious, despite a lack of precipitation, foliage and trees still grow in the Spring. In the Summer, it grows warmer and the simulated "day" lasts longer. The trees fade to golden in the fall and in the winter blankets them with snow. The ponds will freeze over, the temperature will drop, and the snowflakes with mysteriously materialize overhead. The mechanisms behind all of this remain unknown.

We have discovered ponds, freshwater streams, and even rivers flowing with fresh water. During an expedition, I followed the winding river upstream to a waterfall. We had discovered that, when entered, will lead to The Domed Mountains. There is a wooden footbridge, named the Meyer Bridge, that can be found at the rivers intersection with the Hoffman Path. The Meyer Bridge is just tall enough for fishing boats to pass through.

The Domed Forest has a stable economy based on bartering. I would recommend bringing a couple items from the Backrooms with you since they're worth more outside their native system. All trade routes follow major pathways such as the Hoffman Path. Don't venture far from this path as entities reside in the depths of the woods.

Many entities reside in this limspace, namely: hounds, deathmoths, insanities, and clumps. Although clumps only inhabit the shady claustrophobic areas of The Domed Forest such as mineshafts. Not that you would want to explore a cramped mineshaft even without the danger of entities anyways.

Enigmatic entities, formally known as auroraceti, swim through the opalescent heavens above, leaving eddies of vibrant color in their wake. These large entities, which resemble massive whales, are known to inhabit the liquid skies of the domed limspaces. These "whales" are known for their whale songs that may induce dreams to listeners. These dreams are difficult to interpret yet I managed to piece together most of the song.

Colonies and Outposts

UNCB Outpost Cobalt

Cobalt is an outpost led by high-ranking UNCB official Timothy Love. Typically, over fifty wanderers reside in Cobalt though it should be noted this number fluctuates. There is a pseudo-government in place as a sheriff is elected democratically at the beginning of every spring. The current sheriff is Sallie Key, a wanderer with no previous UNCB ties, who has been elected as sheriff for twenty years.

Cobalt is located along the river which is a vital part of the outpost. It is about a mile downstream from the rivers intersection with the Hoffman Path.

UNCB Outpost Woodgrave

Woodgrave is a trading outpost and the last of the two UNCB outposts located in The Domed Forest. It is the current residence of Sherryl Bartlett, Head of the UNCB Economic Division. It is the heart of a large underground system of tunnels which house a plethora of equipment stores.

This is a larger settlement as it is home to around 100 wanderers with over three-fourths of the population being affiliated with the UNCB. An emergency task force dedicated to suppling outposts in times of need is headquartered at Woodgrave. Woodgrave can be found two miles east down the Hoffman Path from its intersection with the river.

BRU Outpost Kapitut

Outpost Kapitut is a research outpost established by BRU scientists to research the limspace. It is one of the many BRU research outposts that have been constructed in various levels and limspaces. The UNCB has clashed with Kapitut scientists over jurisdiction, unethical experimentation, and dangerous experimentation.

Several attempts to experiment on the fluid above the dome have been made, claiming that they're safer than the UNCB experiment which went so horribly wrong. Outpost Kapitut is under surveillance by the UNCB due to the threat of dangerous experimentation.

Kapitut has a population of approximately seventy residents, twenty of which being research personnel. An oligarchy has been formed being made of high-ranking officials. A weekly convention is held between government officials to discuss matters pertinent to the outpost.

Kapitut is the current residence of Edward Patterson, the leader of the BRU. Kapitut could be found by navigating a series of paths beginning at the Red Walk, a path branching off of Hoffman Path, beginning less than a mile west of the intersection with the river.

Entrances and Exits


This limspace is accessible through portals I believe to be constructed by the precursors on the planet P1-A of Level 201 in The Backrooms. These doors can be found at four points along the equator of the planet, each equidistant from the two closest to it. The doors are seemingly suspended one foot off the ground and disappear behind you when you enter.

In The Domed Mountains, an oasis can be found which, when entered, will lead you to The Domed Forest.

In The Domed Meadows, following the water downstream from the mountains will lead you to a waterfall. Upon entering this waterfall you will end up exiting an opposite waterfall in The Domed Forest. The same can be done with the far east waterfall in The Domed Desert.


You can get to The Domed Mountains, The Domed Meadows, and The Domed Desert by the same method you arrived in The Domed Forest, but reversed.

A number of precursor portals to various levels of the backrooms exist, apparently with the purpose of transporting various resources to and from the biodomes. Portals exist deep in bottoms of lakes and at the sources of rivers to The Flooded City, to supply the level with water and to prevent the lakes from overflowing their bounds. Portals deep in the bottom of cave systems in the domed limspaces lead to Cramped Caves, allowing water and methane to drain from the artificial habitat. Small portals to The Ruined City also exist in the ruins of precursor structures, which are believed to have served as ventilation for the buildings. These portals can be found in every limspace in the domed system. Of these exits the air vents are considered by far the safest.

In the center of the limspace is an unusually large oak tree, at the bottom of which is a seam in the shape of a door leading to the hub, a level currently held by the notoriously paranoid mercenary Skye Rodgers. (And I mean seriously paranoid.) Entry can only be gained by means of a hub key, the only known instance of which is in Rogers' possession.

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