The Cavity

The Cavity

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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Tedious to traverse, long-term travel is hazardous without the right protective gear.
Entity Count 3/5 Those who travel to The Cavity should be wary of the prevalence of Rodelphie, however, other entities rarely show up in this level.
Chaos Gradient 2/5 Lightbulbs have been reported to explode spontaneously. Individual areas of The Cavity are of varying levels of toxicity due to the insulation between them.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.67/5 Reliable place for resources, however prolonged travel is not recommended.


fig 1.0 The Cavity.


The Cavity is an amalgam of attics, crawl spaces, and wall cavities hosting a variety of different pipes transporting liquids such as almond water, and various gases. These gasses have been tested and identified to be mostly common gasses used in homes such as propane, though carbon monoxide and radon have also been recorded. The attics of The Cavity contain various types of insulation ranging from materials like hay, fiberglass, and cell foam to even hazardous substances like asbestos. Many other types of insulation have been spotted.

Due to potentially hazardous insulation and rare gas leaks that sometimes happen in the cavity, it is recommended to bring a gas mask, especially for prolonged periods of traveling. Some people have been known to traverse clusters of pipes located throughout the level; however, some pipes are very hot and may even result in third-degree burns if touched. Exposed wiring is also seen throughout the level, adding onto the dangers of traversing this level.

With hazards like inconsistent and unstable flooring found throughout the entire level, rusted nails, exposed wiring, and the aforementioned toxic gases. One must be careful to traverse the level with caution. Stepping on top of insulation panels is very dangerous as doing so can break through to what’s underneath. Doing so often leads to injury, as well as unintentional transportation to different levels of the backrooms. When traveling across the attic area, it is imperative to keep yourself on the wooden beams for this reason. Often there are wide wooden planks situated on the wooden beams, a common feature of many attic spaces within the level. These wooden planks are not 100% guaranteed safe however, some are rotten and prone to breaking. Some areas may require a person to crawl across beams going diagonally up.

Lightbulbs are prevalent throughout The Cavity, often connected to such exposed wiring that can occasionally be seen in the level. These lightbulbs, while being a valuable source of light, have been known to Explode 10% of the time. rapid flickering and loud humming are telling signs that one is about to go. Because of this possibility, bringing a flashlight is suggested.

One of the dangers of The Cavity is what has often been called “Rodelphie”. Rodelphie can vary in size and droppings can be found throughout the level. Rodelphie has been known to chew through live wiring, being immune to high voltages of electricity. Because of this, one must keep a watchful eye out for any exposed wiring. Nests of varying sizes belonging to Rodelphie exist throughout the insulated areas. These nests can be identified by looking for areas where insulation is stacked on one another, with a small hole in it.

The cavity has a lot of crawlspaces and narrow corridors that seem to be wall crevices. Most of these areas have wood flooring and are safe to step on, however, going through the wall crevices has dangers such as exposed wiring and the possibility of seeing Rodelphie inside of it. Crawlspaces are usually safe to traverse, however, run the risk of having to crawl through small Rodelphie droppings as well as small bits of insulation dragged by Rodelphie.

Some areas across The Cavity may either be waterlogged or scorched. It is theorized that these areas are created when the pipes burst releasing almond water into the area or when gas is released and met with an opened flame. Traversing through these areas is highly dangerous, as it can cause the beams to be unstable, resulting in falling through the floor into another level. Other areas to watch out for in this level are areas filled with carpet fungus. The main theory around these areas is that when an almond water pipe bursts, it can attract the carpet fungus to the vicinity. These areas with carpet fungus are very volatile and should be avoided at all costs.

Among the most important pockets and rooms of The Cavity is the numerous storage attics, containing various useful items hidden behind layers of sheets and material. These areas are valuable sources of more advanced supplies such like flashlights and medical resources, along with more basic supplies. The one caveat to this useful feature is that the retrieved supplies often need to be sterilized due to bits of fiberglass in the air and around storage attics. Rodelphie has been known to access and chew through these stashes as well.


fig 2.0 The Cavity apartment door.

Throughout the level, various decorations for celebrations on Baseline have been spotted such as Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations. This has ranged from Christmas ornaments hung from a tree, to birthday banners, to fake hanging bodies from the rafters. Some members have reported some of these decorations, mainly anything human-shaped, coming alive. These reports have largely remained unproven. Further research into the matter is needed.

Finally, it seems The Cavity has a small seasonal pattern. The season lasts roughly 180 days, switching from hot and stuffy to cold and dry respectively.


Life in The Cavity is rare due to the nature of the level. However, one notable community have made their way in it.

UNCB Outpost Athan

The UNCB has set up an outpost in an extended apartment building located inside The Cavity. The entrance is characterized by a makeshift boarded door, with frequent cleaning routines ongoing to keep insulation out. The UNCB outpost doubles as a research station for them, with scientists and exploration groups making up a majority of the team members. They primarily focus on its ability to access other levels of the backrooms. The research the various ornaments from baseline. The outpost rotates staff members frequently.

Recommended Equipment
Gas Masks are recommended for this level, especially for long-term travel. Flashlights are also recommended due to some areas of The Cavity being pitch black; it also sometimes wards off Rodelphie. Protective gear such as thick rubber gloves are also important in case one needs to come in contact with potential wiring in the way.



Exiting The Dying Level results in a very short fall, where you will find yourself among several pipes. Traversing these pipes leads you to The Cavity.


Upon stepping on the unstable ceiling usually below the insulation, it may break making you fall into The Halls, The Office, The Hotel, a building in Neighborhood of Darkness, The Apartments, Restless Restaurant, or Padlock Passways. Occasionally while going around you may spot parts of a ladder stacked on top of one another. Pushing this down will reveal that it is on top of a trapdoor, and the gravity will cause the ladder to uncurl into The School.

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