The Bedrooms

The Bedrooms

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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Survival in this level is quite difficult without prior knowledge and should be explored with caution.
Entity Count 1/5 No native entities have been found inside The Bedrooms, with only dreamers roaming the halls
Chaos Gradient 4/5 Constant shifts in the layout make it impossible to navigate with any form of map or prior knowledge.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.667/5 This level is impossible to exist in for extended periods of time and is purely transitory in nature.


The Bedrooms hallway


Upon entering The Bedrooms you are greeted by a seemingly infinite dormitory building with tan walls and fluorescent bulbs stretching down unending hallways, with winding corridors and stairs leading to different stories, each being virtually identical to the last. These hallways consist of several identical wooden doors on each side of the hallway, with each door bearing random symbols with unknown meanings. Entering these dorms leads to a bare white room with the only objects inside being two beds adjacent to each wall. These beds seem to be random in nature, ranging from standard innerspring mattresses to memory foam, water beds, and more unconventional beds such as patches of dirt with rocks for pillows, beds made of metallic spikes, and Carpet Fluid,1 as well as a variety of other materials that are otherwise unsuitable for use as bed material.

Being on The Bedrooms or The Bedrooms causes wanderers to become exhausted abnormally fast, and find themselves needing sleep much more frequently. This is due to multiple factors such as pleasant ambient temperatures, the hallway lights' hue causing wanderers' eyes to dull, and the emission of theta waves from unknown, potentially anomalous sources. This causes wanderers' rational decision-making to become impaired, leading them to try and find a place to sleep. Eventually, those exploring The Bedrooms seek an area to rest among the numerous beds in order to sleep. This leads to wanderers finding their "dream bed", with each bed being tailored to the wanderer's personal preferences, these beds are described as "perfect in every way2" Do not under any circumstances sleep in a bed you think is comfortable or soft, any bed perceived as a good bed is dangerous. 9/10 people will experience a dream when they sleep in their dream Bed.

This dream consists of a familiar space or memory to the dreamer, a complete lack of life, and a seemingly infinite setting are described. The Dreamer will feel a level of fulfillment and contentment so indescribably powerful it transcends human experience and will continue to intensify as the dream continues. It has been described as "all the best moments in your life, times like a thousand" The dreams themselves last for approximately 8 hours. For the Dreamer, time passes significantly slower than it does in reality, with Dreamers experiencing up to an entire year inside a single dream. As they dream they're unable to be woken up by any means, which to date have included shaking violently, slapping, punching, picking up and throwing, strangulation, and ingestion of carpet fluid. No known means of waking someone up from one of these dreams is known.

When the wanderer wakes up they will find they are in a different bed than what they fell asleep in, with all cases reporting waking up on a standard innerspring mattress. The wanderer immediately feels as if reality is unbearable upon waking up, and their dreamworld was better in every way, this is the first symptom of Liminal Dreamer Disorder. Those who experience liminal dreams will inevitably become affected by Liminal Dreamer Disorder. Henceforth wanderers affected by Liminal Dreamer Disorder will be referred to as Dreamers.

Wanderers affected by Liminal Dreamer Disorder, or LDD for short experience the disorder in 3 stages, with each stage deteriorating the mental state of the person affected as it progresses. Stage 1 consists of depression, anxiety, moodiness, and general disgust for reality. This stage manifests as soon as one wakes up from their liminal dream, and is described as "literal hell" by one. Once you are affected by LDD you are lost, and there is no way to reverse the disorder, it is recommended to take your own life so you don't suffer and for the physical safety of others.

Stage 2 consists of the previous symptoms from stage 1, followed by the desire to return to their dream, and attempting to sleep excessively, those affected quickly find they are unable to sleep due to the symptoms of Stage 2 LDD, insomnia. Insomnia caused by Stage 2 dramatically increases the progression of LDD. Stage 2 is the last stage where the original personality is still present and is the last time you can talk to them before it's too late.

Stage 3 begins when those in stage 2 are driven to madness caused by sleep deprivation and the knowledge that they will never be able to return to their dream. This causes one of two things to happen, either the Dreamer chooses to end their own life, or they attempt to turn reality into their dream, killing anyone they see in hopes of returning to the serenity they once experienced. Already accepting that they will never get to return to their dream, doomed to wander the halls of The Bedrooms, always trying to return to the bliss they once felt long ago.


The following file is an audio recording from an apparent interview found on a drive retrieved from a bed made of USBs, it is speculated the interview itself was conducted in a baseline alternative to our own. A transcript of the interview is provided below.

The follwing is a note retrieved from the body of a Dreamer who chose to commit suicide prior to stage 3 symptoms manifesting.


Permanent/temporary habitation of The Bedrooms is impossible due to its detrimental effects on the human mind.



The Bedrooms can be entered by falling asleep in the insulation found in The Cavity or by entering a large, wide-open area of flat land located within The Cheese Place. After walking out into this area and spending time there the sky will go dark, engulfing you in shadow, when you open your eyes you will most likely be in The Bedrooms


By falling asleep on a bed you perceive as uncomfortable you will awaken in Natural Vandalism.
These beds differ per person, with a bed being perfect for one and unbearable for others, it depends purely on perception and personal preference.

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