The Aquarium

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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Low entity encounter rate and easily avoidable hazards make the level relatively livable.
Entity Count 1/5 Small amount of entities that are easily avoidable.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The level contents change slightly upon being left.
Basset-Fraizier Index 1/5 Mostly consistent architecture and low amount of entities.


fig 1.0 One of the numerous tanks throughout The Aquarium


The Aquarium is an endlessly expanding aquarium-like structure. The Aquarium has many rooms, each containing one or more fish tanks of varying sizes. Some rooms are dead ends, while others have doors to other level sections. Most of the tanks are empty or destroyed, except for a few that can house liquid and other items. The ceiling and walls of the aquarium are comprised of impenetrable concrete-like material. The floor of most rooms consists of hyper-polished marble tiling, while other floors are more deteriorated and without shine. Said polished floors can be a hazard as they may redirect light into the wanderer's eyes. Fluorescent lights are installed on the ceiling and inside the glass tanks. They are often irritating to stare at due to their immense luminosity and constant flickering.

The tanks are the primary source of danger in The Aquarium. Many fish tanks appear to have been broken from the inside through blunt force, with glass shards scattered outside the fish tanks. Several of the tanks contain liquids, ranging from safe to hazardous, such as carpet fluid. It is recommended not to taste or touch any liquid unless you know what it is and whether it is safe. The tanks fill up with liquid through several pipes, which gradually drip into the tanks from above. It is possible to collect this liquid by climbing a ladder on the tank, if it has one, or by breaking into the tank itself. However, breaking the glass is the last resort solution. Documented liquids within these fish tanks include but are not limited to:

  • Various cleaning fluids
  • Gasoline
  • Various dangerous chemicals
  • Water
  • Blood
  • Many unidentifiable liquids

Tanks can also hold various objects often associated with whatever liquid is inside, such as cleaning bottles in cleaning liquid tanks. Objects found are usually in horrible conditions and barely function, if at all. Objects inside tanks often appear in better shape than they are when removed from the tank. Wanderers have claimed to see objects inside but found nothing upon searching the fish tank.

There are currently only two known entity species on The Aquarium. The first entities, known as "Swimmers," appear as marine animals such as tuna, crabs, whales, sharks, and more. It is believed that any type of marine animal can appear. The entities appear only in tanks with liquid inside. Somehow they can survive even if the liquid would prevent life inside. The entities are harmless when inside a tank, but upon leaving, regardless of animal species, they will attempt to maul and consume the wanderer. Upon leaving their tank, the entities will begin to "Swim" through the air at the person who let the entity out. Regardless of animal species, the entities will attempt to bite and eat the person. Entities can be avoided by shutting doors or getting the entity into another tank, preferably the former, as the room changes when the doors to an empty room are shut. Upon re-entry into a previously closed room, the room will have different contents than before the change. No one has encountered "Swimmers" already outside their tanks.


fig 2.0 "Swimmer" in tank of formaldehyde.

The other entities are much more dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. These entities are known as "Pods," which resemble marine animals of the cephalopod family, consisting of squids, octopi, nautiluses, and ammonites. These entities are considered intelligent and will lure people into tanks by imitating objects that the person desires. If a person enters the tank, the Pods will drown the person. If the tank is broken, the Pods will attempt to strangle or suffocate the person with their tentacles. If the person is not lured into the tank, the Pods will leave the tank and will behave as if their tank was broken. Leaving the room and shutting the door does not work on Pods, as they can " swim" through walls and doors. The best way to survive a Pod attack is by running away until The Pod wears out and retreats.

The Aquarium has been theorized to expand at an inconsistent rate. As previously mentioned, rooms that have been shut while empty change contents to a different room. These new rooms can have one to three more doors than the previous version, leading to The Aquarium increasing in size.

Recommended Equipment

Breathing apparatus, flashlight, food, PH indicator.

Valuable Resources

Liquids found may be valuable, like water or other safe liquids.

Recommended Actions

Avoid all tanks with entities inside; walk through The Aquarium until finding an exit. Test or avoid all liquids.


The Divers


The Divers is a small community near the entrance to The Aquarium. The Divers have set up several rooms where they have removed the doors to prevent room shifts and have set up a small safe house. The Divers will offer safety and liquids to passersby in exchange for food or other objects. The Divers' main goals appear to be to identify the liquids in The Aquarium and to set up a pathway to the exit for wanderers to traverse safely. The Divers have tagged numerous tanks with liquid and guarded several of the tanks, such as the water and several unknown tanks. The Divers will only show aggression if attacked or a wanderer attempts to enter any documented tanks. Strangely all members of the Divers have blue eyes and behave similarly. Overall the Divers consist of 12 people and 208 safe rooms.

Entrances and Exits


Entry into The Aquarium is possible by either falling into a pool of water on Boundless Retail, or by going through a stone arch on The Temple of Blood. By using the former entrance, people will find themselves in a tank of water inside the safety of the Divers. The latter method will find the person in a random room in The Aquarium.


There are only two known exits out of The Aquarium. The first exit is by finding the room with an exit sign above a door. Walking through the door will take you to the Restless Restaurant.

The second exit is less clear but seems to be a sudden shift in place rarely when opening doors. When shifted, the wanderer will find themselves isolated on Sublimity

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