The Alleyways

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Difficulty 0/5 It’s a nice place.
Entity Count 0/5 The residents are human. Entity is such an ugly word.
Chaos Gradient 0/5 It’s not chaotic at all. I’m not sure what gradient refers to.
Basset-Frazier Index ??/5 I really do apologize, I have no idea what this means.


One of the cleaner parts I've found. Took a picture because I probably won't find it again. Going over the wall just leads to another alleyway.

Let me begin with a story about my brother. I cannot remember his name. Little brother. He was a good kid. I am sure of it. No matter what you may say he was a good kid. Father didn’t agree. He had the devil in him, that’s how Father said it. He wasn’t delinquent. Never skipped school. But a bit lazy. Wanted to be an artist. As I said. Lazy.

When he came back from school he would lie to Father and tell him that he was going to the library to study. He went to an alleyway instead. It was a good ways away from our home and he and a few friends would paint there. Before college I went there one or two times. Sometimes he could not go because Father would beat him so hard. I felt bad. How could I not? But Father was right. We had no money. We should not have wasted time.

At the time I was going to college and was staying at home. I did not do much except focus on my studies. I studied business. Father was proud of me. We would talk when my brother was not home. One day Father was not home when I arrived back from some lectures. That night when he returned I learned why. He was following my brother. Now Father was carrying him in one hand through the door. My brother was thrown on the ground. Father also brought with him a bundle of paintings. He burned those.

That night I could not sleep. I walked to my brother’s room to console him. When I entered, I found him slinking through the windows into the alleyway outside. That was the last time I saw him. Father never spoke of him again. I found the Alleyways while searching for him. I was surprised, of course. But mostly I was relieved. He was in a safe place. I knew he was there. Don't ask me how. I just did.

Sometimes I bring some paint and some canvas to the Alleyways. They disappear like the food does, but I never see any paintings.


They are like Alleyways, but they stretch on a lot. Pretty thin as well. The residents will always be there, no matter where you go. They usually stay forever. Rarely they leave. It's always awful when someone leaves. Wracks my nerves. Don't know how they're doing.

I’m not sure what else to say.



An example of an exit at the end there. Went through it after taking this photo.

If you want to leave it's easy. Just keep on walking or go through a door on a building. You'll be spat out. I’m not sure where the entrance is. You just walk through the cracks between buildings. Sometimes it doesn’t work. When it does, the Alleyways now stretch for miles. There is fog though. So I don’t know how big it really is.

I don’t like staying in there myself. The bricks are too close together. Can’t breathe. But it’s a good home for others. So please don’t bother them.

Most people can’t get there, I’ve noticed. Almost everyone who goes there does so for the same reason. They want to find a nice place. A place to go unnoticed and recede. That’s what the place was built for, I think. Sometimes I bump into people. They are like me and can be seen and don't wish to stay. They are always looking for someone.

Whenever I see them I explain to them what the place is. But now parts are escaping my memory. I am old now. So now I have written it down here. I tell them that it is good to bring food and clothes. The residents like them. They tell me they cannot find who they are seeking and cannot see any people. I tell them I cannot either. But they are there. They leave traces where they were. The searchers always believe me. Sometimes they leave but usually they come back. If you come, please bring food. And clothes.

There was one time when I forgot to buy food for the residents before leaving for Europe to visit a friend. I left a note for the residents along with a few hundred dollars. Told them to buy food if the food I had given them ran out. When I came back to the alleyway five people were corpses. Found a note. Only message they ever left me.

“No food.” it read. “I have left with some others.”

It was the most horrifying message. I have not missed a day since.

But now I am old. I do not know how much longer I have. If you ever make your way to the alleyways please think of the residents. They need food, or they will need to leave. Please do not make them leave.

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