Thalasso Limspace System


The waves call out to all eyes laid upon them. To some, it is a harsh but hush whisper, fading as they leave the water. To others, it's an interminate noise, the driving force behind their every move as they travel deeper and deeper into the ocean, towards their only chance of respite: the Heavenly Seas. It is here that their call may be answered, and it is here that they will live and die.

Cardinal Points

The Cardinal Points act as fixed gateways into Thalasso; one must traverse either of these to enter the Heavenly Seas, each offering its own challenges. While sporadic thresholds do exist, the Cardinal Points are the most stable and reliable to date.

Thalassic Layers

Thalasso is divided into four known layers, each stacked like a grandiose cake of oceans. Each layer harbors several thousand mystical seas connected through blending, folding, and Rifts. Descending the layers is no easy task as the means are far and few between. Those who take the plunge must recognize the finality of their choice as there is no return once you dive. The deeper you go, the more the seas hate and pulsate into chaos.

First Layer: Horizon

The safest and most documented layer, a wanderer's last chance to return. Not without it's dangers.
Central Sea: The Sky Urn

The Boiling Sea-The water here boils… my flimsy shelter will soon fall in.
Plateau Sea-Oceanic plateaus, teeming with both life and death.

Second Layer: Impetus

No way back, a layer for those who've accepted Thalasso as their final destination. Relatively safe and well documented, but only the careful live.
Central Sea: Perpetual Falls

Basalt Depths-A superheated domain of lava and valuable resources lies within the Volcanic Maws of Impetus.

Third Layer: Limelight

Those who enter this layer have abandoned their life for the sake of the Call. Information broadcasted from here is met with respect and longing for it's treasures, but only fools don't recognize the threat it poses to it's inhabitants.
Central Sea: Clockwork Essence

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Fourth Layer: Exodus

A place of monsters and regret. Information is scarce and treacherous to obtain amidst the incredibly hostile environments shapping this layer.
Central Sea: Pang Land

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✎ Artifacts:

The billion seas harbor resources, treasures, and curses fitting of the legendary realm Thalasso. Artifacts and mundane objects.

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✎ Bestiaries and Entities:

From the lowliest fish to the grandest beast, Thalasso has an abundance of life… willing to take the lives of fools who underestimate them. Freaks of nature both evolved naturally and forced, great otherworldly spirits, echoing machines from long-gone people, talking crabs. Bestiaries and individual entity articles are placed here.

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✎ Tales:

With the abundance of people drawn to and birthed to the seas of Thalasso, countless stories are made each day. Legends, songs, research papers, exploration logs, and more! The diverse people of Thalasso have their own stories to tell and pass along for Thalasso is the world of legends.

Assorted Tales

The Form in The Fog

Azure Serpent

Scav's Redemption
Scav's Redemption 2

S.S Mouette

Heart of The Icy Seas

✎ Miscellaneous:

For the articles that don't easily fit into the other categories.


The Deeper Blue
Bermuda's Wrath



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