Tale Contest 2023

Tale Contest 2023


Limspaces and thresholds may set the scene, but it's the stories that lie at the heart of our site. What happens when naive explorers wander too far into the unknown? Why are certain people drawn to investigate liminality in the first place? The stories left to be told are boundless. Tales of any kind may be entered for this contest.

Congratulations to totallyunisontotallyunison on winning the contest with PAWNPAWNPAWNPAWN which finished with a rating of +10. In second place is knaffladknafflad's Journey To The Houndstooth Pt 1 which finished with a rating of +8.

Tied for third is four articles which each finished with a rating of +6. They are Heart of The Icy Seas by BlueTangs RockBlueTangs Rock, The Form In The Fog and Scav's Redemption by Nautilus98Nautilus98, and Founders Valley Pt 4 by knaffladknafflad.


Create a submission by entering the page's name or title. If you are unsure what to enter, feel free to ask a staff member for assistance.

Note: this module creates the entry under the contest category so that voting is disabled, but once the voting period begins, all entries will be moved out of the contest category, which will change the URLs slightly.

(If this module doesn't work for you, create the page manually and add the tag "tale-contest-2023". You may ask a staff member for help.)



  1. Site rules still apply to entries submitting to this contest.
  2. Only tales may be entered, including prose and documents.
    • Prose is any narrative story, typically written without a rigid format. Documents are in-universe documents, information recorded in the Archivist Database which isn't a limspace, threshold, entity or object.
    • Already uploaded articles cannot be entered but works-in-progress from before the contest may be entered.
    • Collabs are also accepted.
  3. Votes by authors on their own entries will not be counted toward final scoring.
  4. You are required to get crit like for any other article. Once voting begins, entries will be moved to the default category and treated like regular articles.
  5. Each author may submit up to three entries to the contest. Collaborations between multiple authors count as an entry for each author.


  1. There will be a six week writing and uploading period followed by a one week voting period.
    • Voting will be disabled during the six week period and resumed during the voting period.
  2. The contest winner will get the "contest-winner" tag on their article, the "Contest Winner" role on our Discord server and 5000 ActivityRank XP.
    • Second place and third place will get 2500 and 1000 experience respectively.
  3. For determining winners, each author's highest rated entry will be considered and the rest will not.
    • If an author manages to write two or three articles that wind up in the top three rated entries, the author will be awarded a custom role on the Discord called "Contest Legend" and a bonus 1000 XP for each entry.


  • Writing Starts: February 3
  • Voting Starts: March 13
  • Voting Ends: March 19 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Winners Announced: March 20

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