Tagging Guide

Only use tags which are listed here. New tags should be suggested to staff and added to this list before being put on articles.

Article Tags

Tag Purpose
article Goes on all articles.
level Tag that goes on Backrooms Levels.
level-element Tag that goes on Backrooms Level Elements.
entity Tag that goes on Backrooms Entities.
object Tag that goes on Backrooms Objects.
asset Tag that goes on Backrooms Assets.
threshold Tag that goes on Thresholds within Baseline.
limspace Tag that goes on individual Limspaces.
limspace-system Tag for wider Limspace System hubs.
tale Tag that goes on Tale articles.
joke Tag that goes on Joke articles.

Level Tags

Tag Purpose
quantum-stable Tag for the main 12 levels. Do not use anywhere else unless it has lore significance.
quantum-fluctuant Tag that goes on most normal levels.
secret-level Tag that goes on Secret Levels.
sub-level Tag that goes on Sub-Levels.

Site Tags

Tag Purpose
site Goes on all site pages.
information Tag that goes on official information pages.
guide Tag that goes on guide pages.
policy Tag that goes on official site policy pages.
hub Tag that goes on page hubs.

Other Tags

Tag Purpose
author-page Author Pages.
co-authored Articles written by multiple main authors.
collaboration Articles that are open for contributions.
rewrite Articles that were rewritten by someone other than the original author.
supplemental A supplementary page to an article.
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