Sierra-94's Log

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Upon the tragedy of both expeditions and the loss of friends, scouts and radio operators involved were instructed to keep a log of recent occurrences. Most others had perfectly normal logs but Sierra-94/Dillan had encountered some sort of mind-affecting creature. Excerpts of the log will be archived below.

Day 1, Saturday
So the big boss branch manager said had to have a diary for a couple of weeks to get over the death of our comrades. I personally didn't know anyone in that group, but those who died at least got it quick. They want us to write in these for mental cohesion and to mourn, which seems very insincere in my opinion.

I will say that the Sargasso is one of the worst limspaces I ever had to go in. A step below that one that devours everything (Erycishton?). That trash land is a nightmare to traverse and those damned soldiers are unsettling. Still, it kinda sucks that they HREBed it though. I feel like we could research it a bit more in person than with those shoddy drones.

If anything sucks more, it's the fact I've had a shitty pounding headache ever since I left that place. Kinda feels like my brain is trying to talk without a mouth. A couple of ibuprofen shut it up though and it'll hopefully be gone by tomorrow.

Day 2, Sunday
Worst fucking headache of my life this morning, had to sit over the toilet for a couple of hours vomiting until it went away. I don't know what's up with this headache but I'll eventually have to go to the med ward and get it checked out.

Other than that, I've been twitching as well. Might chalk it up to sleep deprivation due to the state of that guy, Tritan. I've been working as a scout for a while and the concept of death never really bothered me. You could blow me up, shoot me, that's miles better than impaling. I'm pretty sure everyone in the group colloquially grimaced at the state of Tritan. The dude was pinned against the ground through his shoulder with a long metal rod. The poor guy looked like a fucking display pinned with one long nail. The twitches themselves are abnormal, clenched my fist for 20 minutes and couldn't force myself out of it.

Due to all this bullshit, I've been stuck in my office all day doing archivists' work for them. I did not sign up for this job to sit down and make corrections to some underpaid kid in the archivist wing. Fucking higher-ups making the scouts do document work, no wonder your articles are so inconsistent.

Day 3, Monday
Woke up in the med ward today, guess my bunk-buddy reported me while I was sleeping, guess he was worried about my health. The doc says that it's not a sickness or anything he can diagnose and that he's getting a psychologist to visit me soon.

Nothing eventful really happened while I was stuck with a head-splitting headache and these twitches in a hospital bed. Never had a day in this company where I hadn't done anything, felt very surreal to me. Maybe I'm a workaholic though.

Passed out at around 8 pm for a nap and woke up at 9 pm to the sound of something speaking. When I woke up, my room was quieter than shit. The headache was also gone for a bit, kinda felt as if the thing tryna get into my head got in for just a while. I assume I'm gonna have to tell the psychologist about this.

Day 4, Tuesday
Today included an assessment from a psychologist they sent, got an MRI done and they still couldn't find out what the hell was wrong with me. Before leaving, she asked me a couple of questions and jotted them down on a clipboard. She brushed off the voice as sleep paralysis and the pain meds, I personally don't think so, I had experienced sleep paralysis but I've never felt that feeling if you understand my meaning.

The doc administered some more painkilling shit, didn't do anything. I don't know if I can keep up with this awful headache, feels so bad.

Day 5, Wednesday
That familiar noise spoke in my head the whole time I slept, sadly can't remember a word it said. The headache disappeared for a solid couple of hours after I woke up, very very very relieving. Something's definitely up. To pile on to this weird shit, one of the twitches made me speak, though the noises that came out were gibberish, doc thought I was having a stroke for a moment there.

Told my doctor about the guy in my head and that "twitch" and he contacted the Archivists to see if there's any sort of entity in the Sargasso that could've caused this. So far they haven't got back to him, typical of the bureaucratic douchebags over there.

The doc does say that he's gonna have to discharge me sooner or later seen as the headache is getting better and that he can't keep contacting a shit ton of different departments about my health and the oddities with it.

Day 6, Thursday
The voice was present a little bit after I woke up. It sounded like a man asking me "Hello?" for just a single moment. I'm pretty unsure if I'm going crazy subconsciously from the trauma or if something is actually up here. The headache was gone for longer this time.

The psychologist visited unprompted and the doc seemed pretty pissed about it since I was supposed to be discharged today. The psychologist ended up concluding onset schizophrenia and that he needed me to stay in this damned med ward longer. Not only am I pissed that I can't get back to doing my damn job, but the doc is also pissed too because I'm taking up a bed that was for a scout that was attacked by an entity.

Each time I daze off I keep hearing that man speak those same words again and again. Fuck me if I'm getting a pint of sleep tonight.

Day 7, Friday
After finally getting to sleep, the voice was in my head… all night, for some reason, I could kind of make out what he was saying, and I remember bits and pieces of it. It didn't sound like English. Though when I woke up it said "Hello, are you Dillan?"

Talked about all of this with the psychologist for him to make sure of his diagnosis. He gave me some unnamed antipsychotics to take every morning. When I asked him what it was, he just said it was from a Limspace. I personally don't trust the whole "bringing stuff from other dimensions" schtick but I guess they work better.

It spoke to me. It said "Hello Dillan, can you hear me?" I had initially thought that the doc or the psychologist was talking to me. But that fucker sounds like a combination of the two. When I looked around, it spoke again, saying something about how it was an observer from god knows where. I don't think the meds are working and I might have to contact someone tomorrow.

It went quiet after that last comment and the headache has disappeared, but that speaking left me just as disoriented. I rang up the doctor and he said he was gonna discharge me in the morning.

Day 8, Saturday
No talk from that guy while I slept. Doc discharged me and I headed back to my dorm. I might calm down on the log updates from now on due to this all being solved. My bunk-buddy is out with a research team prepping for an expedition into the Crimson Fields.

While I was in the hospital, a shit ton of editorial work stacked up in my emails. Luckily for me, it's mostly about The Backrooms, so I can take a couple of shortcuts.

While I was working he spoke again, saying something about why I needed to document pages. I panicked a little and spoke aloud, "Do you want me to speak to you?" he affirmed that and asked me what I was and what Earth is. Once I explained to him that this is Earth and that I am human, I realized that I had been speaking to the thing talking in my head and that the medication wasn't working… at all.

He kept asking me questions about the articles I was editing and that he had never heard of such spaces but that The Backrooms felt familiar to him. I never really responded to the voice during this and he eventually went quiet.

End Journal Log

This log has been abruptly ended due to the mental instability of Dillan. After this day, he had contacted a psychologist. He was immediately taken to the psych ward and had his terminal temporarily confiscated. The following will be documenting audio recordings of Dillan while not being tended to by a doctor. The entity he is speaking to is assumed to be the auditory hallucinations he previously mentioned.

3pm, Sunday


Oh hell no. Fuck this. Who the hell are you?

A what? What are you talking about?

Wait just one minute. Did you hitchhike from the trash pit?

I don’t care, why did you pick me?

Hello? Still there? (sigh)

6pm, Monday


A link? What do you mean?

That makes no sense.

Whatever, just answer the question from yesterday.

I'm sorry? What happened to them?

Holy shit, dude.

2am, Tuesday

Ah! Hey! I have a question about a couple days ago, what did you mean by "familiar"?

You mean it wasn't always like that?

Have you ever succeeded?

I don't know about that man, I don't think that'll work.


12pm, Wednesday

What did that place look like before?

Wow, sounds like a nice place.

And the other places?

The same? Hm.

Well maybe I will, maybe I will.

Ah, alright. Yeah.

Closing Statement

In the following days, Dillan reported that the voice had stopped speaking to him. He was given a five-day rehab in the psych ward before being returned to his dormitory. In the days following, he was asked about the conversations with the voice, no response was given.

Dillan is being monitored very closely by the psychiatrist.

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