Limspace Classification

Difficulty 5/5 Not only does this area entirely lack the required resources for one’s survival, but it’s also exceptionally difficult to escape without the required tools. With or without them, any efforts will most likely result in your demise.
Entity Count 0/5 You’re alone in here.
Chaos Gradient 2/5 In random points of time, the sounds of a falling elevator can be heard. In addition, a speeding cart quickly reaching ground level can be seen. However, reports show that these are only hallucinations.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.333/5 Once you’re here, getting out will be extremely difficult, if not impossible without the needed equipment. If neither starvation nor dehydration gets you, then the environment surely will.



fig 1.0 “Only one way to go..”

Upon being transported here, you will find yourself at the bottom of an abandoned elevator shaft known as “The Pit.” Surrounding you will be four concrete walls, all showing signs of deterioration caused by erosion.

A dense smoke lingers within the airspace, granting it a stuffy, almost choking sensation. Thus leaving it to be considered a nonlethal hazard to few. In addition, The Pit is almost completely devoid of light, but the same cannot be said once you climb up to the third highest set of doors within the shaft, where it subtly becomes brighter.

Once you’ve been transported into this shaft, the only way to continue your indefinite journey is to climb upward. Be wary, at random points in time, the illusion of a freefalling elevator cart will suddenly materialize far above you. These look and sound like their real counterpart, however, they are only a figment of your imagination. While incapable of causing any physical harm, their sudden appearance may cause an individual to enter a state of panic, fear, or worse.

Within our reports, few claimed that upon reaching a certain distance, the ground beneath them suddenly vanished. Testing this, they climbed down but to no prevail. They were met with an endless shaft consisting of walls and cables, yet no floor. However, other reports do not mention anything about this. With this information, it’s clear that upon climbing through this liminal space, there’s a low but noticeable chance that you’ll be stuck in an endless shaft with nothing below you.

Recommended Equipment

Despite coming across equipment being relatively slim, if you do find these suggested pieces, it’s best to keep them on standby.

  • Heavy Duty Gloves; Grip is important when climbing and friction burn/cuts would make climbing worse than it already is.
  • Source of Light; Being that the lower area of this space is nearly devoid of light, having anything to guide your path will prove to be adequate, but not required.
  • Crowbar; To escape, you must manage to pry open any malfunctioning elevator doors.
  • Nourishment; Finding food, water, or any other resource will be assumingly impossible. Hence, having any with you will be recommended.


At the time of writing, information on this matter is currently scarce. This is because only a handful of individuals have managed to escape this place alive. However, with the information provided, we’ve documented a few ways on entering. Do be mindful that entering here may be easy, but exiting won’t be.

  • Being a victim of an elevator accident has the chance to transport you to this Liminal Space. Upon waking up, you’ll meet yourself at “The Pit.”
  • Dropping down to “The Pit” within any limspace or Baseline Reality, you will be transported to this area.

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