Seed cultivation, botany, and material handling at UNCB Outpost Athenaeum.

I'm Saffron - just Saffron - but please; do not let the unique mugshot worry you…

The Liminal world has taken its toll on me, but I still bleed red just like anyone else.

It's a pleasure for you to stop by~

I write essays.

In Baseline I was a purveyor of sciences and literature, of which the Backrooms has given me ample to study and record. Writing keeps me sane, and thinking keeps me human.

I hope you find something worthwhile when scrolling through my archives; for it surely feels worthwhile for me to fill this place with knowledge.

Never stop searching for that far off horizon.

After the discovery of the Promethean Database, it sent the collected UNCB colonies into a fervor. Copies of the encrypted data were sent to every outpost which requested access - and the race was on. I had some time on my hands; so decided to write an essay about these wild events.

As a child, did you ever lift up stones to see the insects living underneath? One time, when I lifted a stone, there was an unsuspecting snake curled up underneath it. Unsurprisingly, I got bit. Who would have thought peering into the Database could lead us to our own sleeping basilisk?

With the emergency measures put into place in the wake of the Leviathan's presence, we all took to writing sleep journals. This practice awoke within me a duty that I have been putting off — recording lost history of darker times. An introduction to the Exodus, the Obsidian Infirmary, and human augmentation.

> Maria and the Bug - (+14)

I've been slammed busy with work here at the Outpost, with little time for journaling. I finally found some peace and quiet to get this on the page: Maria's new friend! He's an unorthodox type. Not the sort I'd ever have considered family in the past.

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