Promethean Database



A common SeaGate HD; contained within is the "Promethean Encyclopedia": a collection of information compiled by humans (Prometheans) from an unknown level.

It seems the Prometheans preferred to carry their information on hard drives for reliable access, suggesting that they may not have access to Precursor Terminals. Our existence may be just as obscured from their view as they are to us.

Articles of Note:

If you do not know the history of this monumental discovery, please read the following foundational article explaining the discovery and theory of the Database.



The Promethean Account

Knowledge from the "Far Rooms"

Decrypted information from the Promethean Database is listed here.

Bear in mind, all information presented is speculation unless otherwise stated: details have never been personally confirmed by members of the UNCB

> The Oxygen Ocean

Level - (+26)

The Ocean is vast, largely featureless, and dark. Be aware: this level is not devoid of intelligent life. Within its depths elder leviathans lurk… these beasts may be the size of buildings or the size of planets.

> The Leviathan

Entity - (+21)

The Leviathan is an entity which feeds off of fear. Our minds are fertile crops of sustenance for the beast, and the more chaotic and desperate we become, the deeper his influence may take root within you. Our minds are our inner sanctums. Protect yours.
See: First Contact
See: Collective Dream

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