Portal Shatter

Portal Shatter

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Portal shards floating in the air


Portal Shatter is an anomalous effect present in some levels that can cause the random and instantaneous transportation of humans and entities between levels. The level element was created when The Eye of God went supernova, shattering the lens portal the structure used to send its beam to the targeted level. Shards of the portal float about like fireflies in the affected levels, occasionally merging to form temporary portals. Portal Shatter has two distinct types: mouth and tail. In levels containing a mouth of the portal, portal shards will randomly congregate on living things such as humans or entities and suck them into levels containing a tail of the portal. Portal mouths are usually found in levels with unique and dangerous entities. Levels containing a portal tail are extremely dangerous, due to the constant influx of powerful entities from other levels.

Ur-Example: The Ruined City

Levels of Occurrence

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