Plastic Park

Plastic Park

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Level Classification

Difficulty 5/5 Lack of resources and the warping of the level make permanent settlements impossible.
Entity Count 0/5 No entities are present.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Entire level can change form instantaneously without warning.
Basset-Frazier Index 3.33/5 Level is slightly anomalous.


fig 1.0 A playground of The Plastic Park


At first glance, it would appear that you are outside in a park full of trees, grass, and benches. You would be right to assume so, as everything looks perfectly real. Then you notice the leaves on the trees aren't swaying at all. The blades of grass feel sharp and rigid on your feet. The air feels dry and stale. To your left and right everything seems normal. Turning around your suspicions are proven by a looming black wall miles away. The sky directly above is devoid of any color, the sun is much larger and dimmer. This isn't reality and this sure isn't just a park.

The Plastic Park is a 24km by 24km area that resembles that of a Baseline park. To the North, West, and East 24km away from The Center are walls painted to resemble that of an outstretching horizon. These walls stretch vertically into the sky for an indeterminate distance. Breaking the walls is fruitless as any damage is repaired instantaneously by an unknown force. 24km South of The Center is a pitch-black void. While it is not a wall, traveling through the void is not advised as any who have entered have never returned. The sky is made of a similar void except with a "sun" directly above The Center. This sun is safe to look at because it is much dimmer than the Baseline sun. Also different about this sun is that it possesses a dark ring in the center that almost makes it look as though it were an eye looking down. There are theories that this sun is not a star but some other object creating light.


fig 2.0 The "Sun"

The most common material in the park is plastic. Almost every single object within the confines is artificial. Whether it be wood, plants, stones, metals, or water, it’s all entirely made from plastic. This combined, with a distinct lack of wind, makes the level feel static and devoid of any feeling of comfort. The only non-plastic materials in the park are the surrounding walls, and whatever materials are brought into the level.

Trees and sidewalks litter the landscape. In the spaces between the trees, children's playgrounds can be found. Despite modern Baseline playgrounds being composed of mostly plastic, many feel a sense of artificialness akin to the rest of the level while observing the playgrounds. The playgrounds can offer shelter to wanderers small enough to fit.

One of the most difficult parts of The Plastic Park is the lack of supplies like food and water. All the plants and animals are made of plastic and thus not recommended for consumption. Everything you bring is important when entering the park and should be made to last as long as possible.


The flora and fauna of The Plastic Park mostly mirror that of typical Baseline parks. For example squirrels, birds, mice, trees, shrubs, fish, and so on are all present throughout the environment. However, much like the rest of the space, these are also all entirely artificial. As though stuck in a vacuum of time, everything is stationary; standing as statues from before humanity was conceived, and for long after it’ll fade away.

Strangely this park has no entities. Even entities that would be able to survive in the environment are missing. This may be due to one of the park's effects. However, recent information may prove that there is at least one entity in the void.


There are two anomalous effects of The Plastic Park. The first is minor and is mostly harmless. At all times wanderers report feeling like they are being watched. The direction in which they feel they are being watched is most often from behind trees, in the far distance, and from the void both to the South and from above. Attempts at finding whatever is watching the wanderers have not provided any results. Theories about this effect range from invisible entities to simply insanity caused from the level.

The second anomaly of the park is the reason staying in the park is ill-advised. At random points, the sun may disappear, plunging the entire level into darkness. Moments later the sun will appear again but the entire level will have changed in appearance. With the change in appearance people, objects, and camps may have been relocated or vanished. The cause of the sun's disappearance is unknown. However, it does seem that the longer a person stays, the more likely they are to disappear. Recently wanderers have discovered that right before the sun vanishes a loud clicking noise can be heard. Even with this new information, it is not known how to guarantee survival during the sun's disappearance event.

The Center

The Center is the only place in The Plastic Park to not be rearranged every time the sun disappears. It also happens that The Center is directly in the middle of the level and where most wanderers enter the level from. The Center looks like a medium-sized pavilion from Baseline complete with fake benches and grills. Facing the North is an empty doorframe.

The Center has two or three groups of wanderers seeking to trade supplies most of the time.


Communities are incapable of lasting for long times in the Plastic Park. The most organized community you can hope to find is small traveling groups at The Center.

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