Parmesan Fields

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> Level Classification

Difficulty 2/5 While Parmesan Fields can prove to be quite perilous to the more naïve Backrooms traveler, those with the know-how generally make it through just fine.
Entity Count 3/5 This level is home to a decent amount of entities which hide in plain sight. Come nightfall and the risk of an entity encounter only increases.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 While mostly set in stone, some hilly landscape here has been known to rarely shift form. However, the rate at which this happens deems this information irrelevant.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 This level, overall, is not too dangerous if a wanderer knows what to do.

Documentation of this level was made possible by the UNCB's one and only Jaqué Markel, former owner of a prestigious gourmet Baseline cheese shop.

> Description


fig 1.0 Lush hills of Parmesan Fields.

Parmesan Fields is a vast hilly area that is ripe with groves of lush knee-high grass. Along with these hills, Parmesan Fields also contains occasional fall-leaved wooded sections, small earthen valleys, and long, winding vineyards. Some wanderers who enter here may feel that they're in rural Wisconsin or Idaho on an early Sunday afternoon, finding in front of them a restaurant labeled only as "The Cheese House." At times, the stunning terrain of Parmesan Fields may appear almost pleasant to some. Almost, but not exactly.

Despite the serene landscape, most long-term adventurers with a keen eye and acute sense for the Backrooms' tricks will quickly realize that something doesn't sit right. Perhaps they noticed one of the levels many mockeries of reality. Perhaps it's just a gut feeling after being imprisoned for so long. No matter what spurred it, an inkling of this type is ultimately correct. These poor souls have merely become subject to the Backrooms' next trick.

One typically begins to realize irregularities in this place after walking for just a few seconds. The ground below them will begin to feel as though it is slightly too water ladened. It will give just a bit of extra leeway when stepped on. Those who bend over to inspect the earth below them will notice that it give hints of strange yet delectable odors: the smell of mild cheddar cheese and various herbs. Although bizarre, the "grass" stated earlier is rarely just grass. Instead, it comes in the forms of long-growing chives, onions, basil, and garlic plants. Those who discover these odd florae will find the herbs growing on a layer of soil composed of dirt and minuscule amounts of mild cheddar cheese.

One will truly begin to notice the irregularities closer to the sparsely wooded areas of Parmesan Fields. As they approach, a faint odor will permeate their nostrils, the smell of a nutty, dimly fruity flavor: the distinctive scent of gruyére cheese1. When they enter the wooded area, they will notice the various nuts from many different types of fall-hued trees which have descended to the ground below; or mushrooms growing out of a colorful floor. They may glance up and see a canopy of reds, yellows, browns, and oranges dangling in suspension above. It is here that many realize that they have, indeed, not been jailbroke from their eternal prison, instead still being entrapped within its confines.

Once one has discovered the truth about where they are, which usually only takes a few minutes, they will likely begin to gather food to survive further into this pit of nightmares. Though, their efforts will be in vain. All food products on Parmesan Fields are plagued with nasty food poisoning agents, rendering them almost inedible2. Further investigation as to what causes this has yielded only theories.34

If someone doesn't stumble upon a forest of Parmesan Fields, they might instead find one of its many vineyards. Travelers who locate vineyards will see that they are long and spread out for miles over the hilly terrain like a blanket. Acting as miniature paradises to those stuck within Parmesan Fields, wanderers will realize that the delicious aroma of extra sharp aged cheddar permeates the air and that the grapes found within are entirely safe to consume. Here, people find more safety than the rest of the level can provide.56

> Entites

Despite an abundance of sumptuous yet inedible food in this level, the real danger lies in its focal point: the Cheese House "buildings" located within. In their last moments of life, the more unfortunate among wanderers will discover that these buildings are not all they appear to be. They will find that, much like the Stilt Walkers in The Boiling Sea, these Cheese Houses are large-scale entities that only seek to consume human flesh.

As many will notice, Cheese House entities appear as moderately large, undetailed wheels of yellow cheese, with a missing slice and tinted glass doors acting as an entrance. When a wanderer turns their eyes to the space above a Cheese House entity, they will notice an off-putting mouse standing above, grinning with what seems to be friendly intent. Those lulled by the entity's false façade will find scents emanating inside that are simply too tempting to resist. These are the many aromas of delicious gourmet cheeses, ranging from brie to parmesan to camembert and more. At this point, it is not unreasonable to think of a curious wanderer simply opening the unlocked glass door and moseying in, unaware of the reality of their situation. Wanderers who do this, much like many others on every other level in the Backrooms, are never seen again.

While a handful of wanderers may never stumble upon a Cheese House entity, those who stay until nightfall will likely encounter at least something. As the sun begins to fade on Parmesan Fields, following a cycle much like Baseline, a handful of wanderers have noticed a standout event, different from usual here. First, they'll hear a rustling in the various herbs around them or a quick-paced pitter-patter crunching of the forest's leaves. Next comes the smell. A foul, pungent odor of sour milk will shroud the surrounding area, warning all those nearby of an imminent being. At this point, many will start to seek hiding spots among the flora here, though these are few and far between; as for those who didn't find refuge, we have not encountered them. As far as what causes this, only myths are shared. Some survivors say it's a man made entirely from cheese, as absurd as that sounds. Some say they've seen the ears of the mouse that rests so innocently above the Cheese House entities during the daytime. Others say that it's an eldritch amalgamation beyond imagination. Though, as far as the truth goes, we may never know.7


fig 2.0 A Cheese House entity infront of a wooded and hilled section of Parmesan Fields.

> Communities

Due to Parmesan Fields's widespread food poisoning agent being able to spread to other perishables brought into the level and an increased risk of entity encounters as darkness approaches, long-term society is simply unfeasible.

> Access

> Entrances

  • Most wanderers who have made it deep into The Backrooms will find their way into Parmesan Fields through the stone arches in The Boiling Sea.
  • Others will end up entering Parmesan Fields from much earlier in The Backrooms by passing through ornate oaken double doors with tinted windows that smell of gruyére in Restless Restaurant.
  • Yet still, some may even enter Parmesan Fields from similar ornate oaken double doors with tinted windows that smell of gruyére sparsely found throughout the fields of Almond Fields.8

> Exits

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