Paranoia Museum

Paranoia Museum

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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Fearful hallucinations are the primary and most acute hazard you will encounter.
Entity Count 3/5 Paranoia Museum is infested by the appreciators, although it isn't a major difficulty as they don't pose any harm to the explorers.
Chaos Gradient 2/5 The layout of this level changes for every wanderer, accompanied by the major changes depending on the section.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.6/5 This level can be quite dangerous without the proper precautions. Long-term survival is infeasible due to the lack of resources.



fig 1.0 Picture of Sector 1 inside Paranoia Museum.

Paranoia Museum is a sprawling museum with architecture ranging from the mid-18th century to styles popularized around the modern day. The flooring and walls appear to be in an immaculate polished condition despite the apparent lack of general maintenance staff located within the level. There are no windows and natural sunlight present inside the level. This level lacks a doorway, making exiting the level via traditional means impossible. None of the paintings or sculptures have fully matched any known art pieces in Baseline.

Some parts of the level present significant differences in appearance as well as content displayed. Along with these visual changes, different hallucinations can happen depending on the part of the level. The designation "Sectors" will be utilized to refer to the distinct sections of the level.

A sole species of entities inhabit Paranoia Museum: the appreciators - entities that roam the multiple sectors of this level. They usually walk and appreciate the art in Paranoia Museum, looking at art pieces at times ranging from 15 seconds to 1 hour; they appear unaware of and are unaffected by the hallucinations. Presumedly, the only correlation between the Appreciators and Paranoia Museum is the admiration of the art pieces found inside the level.1


Paranoia Museum is subdivided into five different sectors. Please note that the museum's layout changes for every single wanderer, although the sectors and content of the sectors are always the same. The sectors are as listed below:


Due to the nature of the level, it is impossible to establish any communities or outposts; due to contact between 2 or more wanderers not being possible, and no permanent source of water and food has even been found, making permanent civilization unfeasible.

Entrances and Exits


  • Exiting through one of the doors that appear in the staff room in Restless Restaurant, which will vanish on entry.


  • To exit Paranoia Museum, one must completely overcome the hallucinations in any sector, which will lead them to The School. Exiting this level has been proven incredibly hard, as the hallucinations have been known to be notably challenging to overcome.

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