Padlock Passways

Padlock Passways

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> Level Classification

Difficulty 4/5 A lubricious floor paired with a dangerous environment makes Padlock Passways very hard to traverse, one misstep could lead to injury or death.
Entity Count 2/5 Padlock Passways is the source of crustacean entities known as Rustbugs. Despite this, the level is home to a moderate level of common entities.
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Objects can randomly dematerialize and materialize.
Basset-Frazier Index 3/5 This level is highly anomalous. In general, long-term survival is infeasible unless you really know what you're doing.

> Description


fig 1.0 Padlock Passways

Padlock Passways is a deep labyrinth of meandering concrete brick halls and walls lined with endless lines of lockers; these can vary slightly from the average red tone and can contain valuable resources. Doors strewn throughout the halls lead to bathrooms differing in size, style, and quality. Large and abnormally colored, a pattern of tiles stretches out over the floor of Padlock Passways. Each unique color of these tiles has a separate effect from one another once walked upon. The effects are sometimes instant, sometimes lingering. An effect will materialize upon any contact with a tile, skin contact or not. The majority of the flooring is slick, or riddled with puddles and occasionally mold. Additionally, the floor tiles are comprised of granite, and come in 42 colors.

To up the ante of the anomalousness even further, furniture and appliances within the bathrooms or the halls (excluding the lockers and contents) chaotically fade in and out of existence, always keeping you on the move. In the halls, benches and occasionally tables are strewn throughout. Bathrooms can contain sinks, toilets, showers, baths, and any other objects or appliances you would generally find in bathrooms. Medicine cabinets are usually partially stocked with various medications, as well as bandages.

The hallways of Padlock Passways are always concrete bricks of various colors. The only anomalous features of the walls and the ceilings is that they self-regenerate over a lengthy period after being damaged. All of the hallways in Padlock Passways are lined with endless lockers. These vary slightly, but are usually metal, red, and unlocked. Locked lockers tend to contain higher quality/more useful items. Lockers may also be inhabited by crustacean entities known as Rustbugs.

There is no location within the level in which the tiles are not present on the floor, which makes it beneficial to be knowledgeable of the effects — both beneficial and mercilessly deadly. The guide to the effect of each tile is listed below.

Floor Survival Guide / Tile Classification

The danger level of a tile can have five ratings.

  • N / Depends on the situation greatly.
  • 0 / This effects of this tile are beneficial under most circumstances.
  • 1 / This tile’s effects are neither greatly favorable nor dangerous in most situations.
  • 2 / Effects of these tiles are dangerous, and almost always result in major inconveniences.
  • 3 / Tiles rated at this level either kill without exception, or leave wanderers in a state where death is near-unavoidable.

Other Classification:

  • W / Tile will turn white after initial contact for ~12 hours.
  • E / Tile inflicts effects on entities as well as wanderers. Tiles without this classification do not effect most entities with the capability of making physical contact to a tile.

The constantly changing bathrooms are the safest spots in this level, although they are not static. The main reason for this relative safety is defense. Common entities seen throughout The Backrooms appear in moderate levels, although one particular native entity is very dangerous. Rustbugs have the appearance of large rusty crayfish, with the major difference being highly deadly venom and a large sensory range.

Rustbugs are very slow, and can easily be maneuvered around even in the environment of Padlock Passways. The main source of death is resting after believing to be outside the sensory range. When encountering or encountered, travel until you can’t continue travelling. You can also take salvation in bathrooms with beneficial/neutral tiles.

> Communities

The Informers

The Informers were a large group of wanderers hired by archivists to find the effects of all of the colors of the tiles. The few that remain alive and present within Padlock Passways guard the single Burgundy tile to keep the level from falling into chaos.

UNCB Outpost Magnalate

This UNCB outpost consists of 20 citizens. Lockers are rearranged to block areas and are used to cover unfavourable tiles in the colony. This outpost exists with the purpose of reaping the benefits of tiles, as well as a place of salvation for people lost in this level.

> Access

Entering a push-door with a bathroom sign in Restless Restaurant will lead to a bathroom in Padlock Passways.

Falling through the floor will lead to The Darkness.
Entering a trapdoor in the ceiling will lead to a shed in Spaced-Out Ranges. These are easy to spot, but few and far-between.

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