Oxygen Ocean

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The below information was sourced from an encrypted hard drive.
See this report for info.

All information presented in this record is speculation until otherwise stated.
Nothing in this entry has been confirmed by members of the UNCB.

Double encrypted data represented with █████ blocks.



File Name: "Oxygen Ocean"


I̵̳͠ ̶̛ͅM̷̟̂ ̵͈̽Ǵ̵̖ ̶̗͐_̴͚̑ ̶̺́8̸̼̈́ ̸͖̏2̶̯͝ ̶͇̀9̷͚̎ ̴̤̕7̸͚̏ ̴̑͜4̵̭̂ ̶̰͋6̴̬̾ ̵̺͆8̵͙͝ ̶͚͗1̷̖͝ ̴̲̄_̶̱͝ ̵͔̉8̴̮͋ ̵̖͑4̴͇̉ ̸͕͘3̶͉͠ ̸͚̚6̸̄ͅ ̵͈͛9̴̧̒ ̸̖̐7̶̦́

The Oxygen Ocean is largely featureless and dark.


  • Average Temperature: 16°C
  • Void
  • Unpredictable Weather


Featureless open air
of a maddening scale,
yet far from empty.

The Oxygen Ocean is a vast pitch-black void of open space. It is habitable with breathable air and temperatures that rarely dip into uncomfortable highs or lows. The size of the expanse is unknown - being potentially endless across every axis. Gravity acts in a normal way within the Ocean, yet its wind currents may prevent you from falling endlessly downwards.

Within the Ocean, immense gusts of wind make a weather system that you cannot see, but only feel, as cold and hot air swirl in pressure ridges hundreds of thousands of miles wide. The winds of the Oxygen Ocean stir and swirl and carry with it strange entities and life reminiscent of pale deep-sea aberrations. Within the Ocean, elder leviathans lurk - only seen by their hypnotizing pulses of bio-luminescence from a distance. Without reference for scale, these beasts may be the size of buildings or the size of planets. Travelers have been known to be swallowed whole by these immense creatures.

Be aware: this level is not devoid of intelligent life. If you are traversing the Ocean, know there have been rare interactions with pirates gliding atop wide barges and massive sails. They at one point may have been human but these reivers have become twisted, strange, and perverse. Assume all manned crafts encountered to be hostile. Entities simply kill, but reivers are intelligent – they will torture, maim, use, and imprison you for an assortment of awful purposes. Encounters have recorded flayed bodies with peeled skin dangling from the rigging as bait for food – among other tortures not needed to be listed in detail.


  • None.
  • Contact with Barge "Valkyria III" has been lost, all crew and supporting members assumed KIA.


Curiously, door and window frames of various designs and sizes freefall and tumble sporadically through the Oxygen Ocean. These frames act as stable portals of egress to and from the Ocean to other levels. It is theorized there are openings to every level of the Backrooms soaring through the endless void of the Oxygen Ocean, although this cannot be proven. We can conclude, however, that every portal you find will lead to a different level due to random chance, chaos law, and the vast amount of levels connected to the Ocean. The chances of predicting which level a door or window frame will lead you to are astronomically low. Collecting and storing a portal onto your barge is the only known way of consistent travel to and from the Ocean.

Known stable entries into the Oxygen Ocean are listed here: █████

It is assumed this double encrypted data has been obfuscated for safety.
The Prometheans may not want to be followed.


The Oxygen Ocean is rated BLACK according to the Farlands Recon Division for the following:

  • High Lethality - Zero Settlements.
  • No Water - Comestible Hunting (Difficult) - No Flora.
  • Consistent Access to Undiscovered Levels.

Contact UNCB Archivists with matters regarding Promethean declassified files.

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