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Objects are items of anomalous nature. These items mostly appear naturally and have a variety of uses. Objects can also be from Baseline Reality but function differently in The Backrooms.

Backrooms Objects:

These objects are exclusively or primarily endemic to the Backroom System.

The Backrooms is a massive reality interspersed with many objects — enough to warrant their own list, apart from other limspace objects.

Amartía Fruit 8 (+10, -2)

Carpet Fluid 14 (+17, -3)

Entangled Batteries -2 (+11, -13)

Office Terminals 16 (+23, -7)

Promethean Database 14 (+15, -1)

Other Limspace Objects:

Objects external to the Backooms system are itemized here. The entries listed here are documented from all across limspace.

Mirrolium 4 (+4, -0)

Voices Of The Dead 7 (+7, -0)

Using the module below, type in the object name to create a new object page.

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