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Carpet Fluid

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Carpet Fluid, commonly known as carpet fluid, is a Newtonian liquid that could be found emanating from the shag carpet in Level 1. A steady flow of Carpet Fluid drips from the verticals shafts in Level 0. The significance of this is unknown as all attempts to trace the flow of Carpet Fluid to its source have failed. Exactly why carpet fluid drips like this is, much like most of the Backrooms, a mystery.

It is an oil-like liquid and is wine-colored in hue as it takes on a deep red appearance. It could also be found within black pipes that occasionally run along Cogwell Matrices. Apparently, carpet fluid tastes metallic according to archives found by UNCB exploration teams. These archives were contained on a hard drive found near an abandoned base that presumably belonged to an older exploration group.

Carpet Fluid should, under no circumstances, be consumed as it is poisonous. During testing, Carpet Fluid was found to contain a number of heavy metals which are unfit for consumption. After a Kastle-Meyer test on the liquid in question, it has been concluded that inside Carpet Fluid there is a presence of hemoglobin, the iron-containing metalloprotein found in red blood cells.

In its normal state, Carpet Fluid is non-acidic but an acidic form is known to drip from the pipes of the Cogwell Matrix in Level 11 and Level 2. To avoid chemical burns, it is recommended to shield yourself and cover your skin when traversing Levels 11 and Level 2. In the event you are exposed to acidic Carpet Fluid, rinsing the affected area in running water is recommended.


Carpet Fluid is poisonous and therefore deemed useless to most wanderers. However, Carpet Fluid can be used as a crude alternative to oil and has, according to historical documentation, been used to power a plethora of ancient devices. A carpet fluid motor was designed by inventor and scholar James Basset during the renaissance of The Backrooms. Such technology is rare nowadays since the collapse of the great civilizations that thrived in the past.

It has been noted that mechanically inclined wanderers often use acidic Carpet Fluid to remove rust from their tools and weapons. However, many wanderers have suffered chemical burns from the mishandling of acidic Carpet Fluid so it is recommended to use caution when removing rust.


The earliest records of Carpet Fluid sightings come from scientific data of a "red liquid" emanating from a set of rooms with red wallpaper in Level 1. Descriptions of this "red fluid" match our understanding of Carpet Fluid and its properties. As a result, it is widely believed that Carpet Fluid was first discovered in the Red Rooms but somehow came to emanate from the rest of Level 1.

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