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January 15 2022
The Threshold Contest is over! Check out the winners here!
January 6 2022
The Threshold Contest voting period has been extended by a week to give more time for people to read and vote on the entries. Voting will now end on the 14th, and winners decided the following day.
January 1 2022
Voting on the Threshold Contest entries has begun! Make sure to read the entries and vote on them! Voting will end on Friday, January 7th and winners will be announced the following morning (EST).
December 16 2021
The Threshold Contest has been extended! There are now two weeks left to write and submit entries before voting begins!
September 9 2021
We have started our Threshold Contest 2021! See the rules and submit your amazing thresholds here. What strange and wonderful places will be coming to baseline next? Can't wait to see!
September 9 2021
The Collab Contest 2021 is over! You can congratulate our disparate duos by reading their winning entries here.
August 27 2021
Voting has opened for the Collab Contest! Make sure to read the entries and vote on them before the 4th.
August 22 2021
Voting period for the Collab Contest begins August 27th!
Be sure to submit your entries before that time.
July 17 2021
The Collab Contest has started!
July 16 2021
The Collab Contest is starting tomorrow! There is 1 day left to join!
May 29 2021
The limspace contest is over! Check out the winners here.
May 1 2021
Limspace Contest 2021 begins today!

Submit your articles during this three week writing/uploading period.
April 6 2021
The front page overhaul is finished!

The plan is to update featured articles every two months, starting May 1st.
April 4 2021
The site logo has been updated to be cleaner and more polished.

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