fig 1.0 My picture.

Some of my stuff is alright.
Most of it is in need of a rewrite.
I am afraid of the light.
That is why I stay awake at night.
I live in constant plight.
Every day I have a new fright
The cosmos above is bright.
That is why will never take flight.
It is all out of spite.

Old Level 16. An endless aquarium in disrepair.

Old Level 29. A sea of water that boils at night.
Lostcon2022. A world only in sound.
Lostcon2022. A hospital sinking into a bottomless ocean. In need of a rewrite.

Horrorcon2022. A world under the sea, above the sea, and in between full of nightmares.
A rewrite of an old threshold. Bermuda is the embodiment of the ocean's hatred toward humanity.

Living soundwaves. In need of a rewrite.

Skulls that cry out about their past lives.

A nice slice-of-life tale about two Seekers.
An example of how to act towards those outside of the archives that have encountered liminal phenomena.

Not real
Thresholdcon2022.Bermuda Triangle threshold. IT HAS BEEN REWRITTEN INTO BERMUDA'S WRATH.
Horrorcon2022. A park made entirely of plastic.


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