Monument in the Snowstorm


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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 The frigid temperatures and erratic spatial displacement caused by the Abnormal Snowstorms are extremely hazardous.
Entity Count 3/5 Major population of Smilers. Minor presence of entities from other levels.
Chaos Gradient 4/5 In the wake of the storm, objects fall into the level as if taken from other spaces, or move randomly across the level.
Basset-Frazier Index 3.33/5 Level is barely habitable. Founding permanent colonies and outposts makes no sense, find an exit as soon as possible.



fig 1.0 The center of the Stability Zone. An unknown wanderer can be seen in the photo.

The Monument in the Snowstorm is one of the aberrant levels of the Backrooms. Level is an endless field of snow, the depths of which, consisting of layers of compressed under pressure snow. An endless night dominates the level, there are no clouds or celestial bodies in the sky, which entails the absence of natural light sources on the level. The temperature never rises above -30C, and in the strongest snowstorms drops to -90C, average temperature is -35C to -40C.

The main point of interest in the level is the Monument, a 14-meter high construction made of white stone in the shape of a right triangle, whose top was damaged at an unknown point in time, as well as its origin is unknown. Monument is the only thing really visible from afar in the desolate snowscape and serves as a landmark for wanderers who get to the level. The Monument is located in the center of the Stability Zone - a 100-meter circle, the space inside which is not affected by Snowstorm. One of the properties of the Monument is its effect on space. To the observer it is visible as a clear silhouette, clearly distinguishable through the snow and absolute darkness, by focusing on which the spatial displacement by Inner Snowstorm gusts occurs less frequently, and stops completely at a distance of 5 meters from the Stability Zone. The snow layers inside the Stability Zone becomes static at depth 10 m. By implication, it is assumed that Monument base is not a rectangular platform submerged under a layer of snow, but a much larger structure going under the snow to an unknown depth. Whether the Monument is the cause of the Stability Zone, or whether it is just a reference point indicating where its source is located is unknown.

An Abnormal Snowstorm begins at random intervals on the level and lasts from 3 days to 16 months, the intervals between snowstorms are 2-3 months. The Snowstorms is capable of sweeping snowdrifts up to 7 meters high, significantly changing the level's landscape. The reason why this weather phenomenon is of interest to the cryptoscientific community is its effect on materials and creatures from the outside. When any person, entity, or object from other Backrooms level enters the Inner Snowstorm is swallowed by a powerful wave of snow from which bluish particles emanate. Swallowed objects are sent to a random part of the level. In contrast to that, Outer Snowstorms carry objects, entities, and wanderers from other levels of the Backrooms to snow wasteland, objects carried to the level appear behind the powerful waves of particle snow. Impossible to predict what type of storm will happen next.

The most common entity is the Smilers, for whom the endless ink-black darkness of the level is the perfect environment. The Smilers inhabiting this level are a subspecies whose distinguishing feature, in addition to being immune to the properties of the abnormal snowstorms, is a slightly bluish hue from their eyes and teeth. Other entities encountered in the level fall into it in a similar manner to the wanderers.

Recommended Equipment

Proper thermal clothing to withstand extremely low temperatures. Flashlight. Portable heat source, such as a small burner. Warm liquids, taking hot drink in a thermos are recommended. A supply of high-calorie food. Durable shovel.

Valuable Resources


Recommended Actions

In case you find yourself outside the Stability Zone when moving to a level, try to find a Monument on the horizon. In case you cannot find the Monument for a long time, your only chance is to try to dig the door to another level. In case you feel an increase in wind, immediately start moving to the Stability Zone where you can wait out the snowstorm, otherwise, you may be in the remote parts of the level.


Outpost Borealis

Built jointly by volunteers from UNCB, GMG and independent communities. Has a supply of canned food, a few tools, electric heater and a powered by entangled batterie. Shelter for those who were able to make it to the Monument.



You may accidentally enter a level during an external snowstorm. Wanderers were closed by a sudden snow flow from an unknown source, blocking their vision, after which they appears on the level.

There is a stable entrance in the snow coated blocks of Boundless Retail. Periodically you can find piles of particle snow among the piles of normal snow, diving into which you will find yourself on the level.


To leave the level, you must dig through Surface Layer to find one of several doors. Entering the uncovered door will take you to the level corresponding to the door. Below is a list of doors.

Door Level
Rusty Electrical Room Door Electrical Station
Office Door The Office
Door with "EXIT" Sign Restless Restaurant
Rotten Wooden Door The Cavity
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