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A Mind Mirrored

Use Material Mirrolium is used to make a multitude of items.
Value Near Priceless Mirrolium and objects made from it sell for great amounts.
Rarity Exceedingly Rare Raw Mirrolium is extremely rare.
Designation Natural Resource Mirrolium was a natural resource from the Mirrolium Lakes.


Reflection given form, Mirrolium is an extremely scarce substance of vanity and power that drives people to give up their lives for even a single drop. There were once lakes of the precious liquid but greed, overexpansion, and war dried the source to nothing. Now, all that is left of the resource are the crying tools made from its wells and the drops buried away.

Mirrolium defies order at nearly every turn. Like a mirror, the liquid reflects all light off its surface almost perfectly, being tinted a bright silver color. In liquid form, Mirrolium is cold like liquid nitrogen, and remarkably fluid. Anything submerged in the liquid freezes within seconds before crumbling into nothing.

Strangely, the Mirrolium Lakes rested upside down on the cave roof of Wanrest. The Mirrolium Lakes were a spectacle that the Kingdom of Wanrest cherished as they turned a dull brown-grey ceiling into a fantastic show of color. Despite the difficulty of the process, the Mirrolium Lakes were harvested. Using great towers, hooks, and lots of Spiderope, the Kingdom of Wanrest brought the Mirrolium down to the surface in steel kegs. Each keg was worth more than a home in the kingdom because of the mystical properties and uses of the Mirrolium. The frigid material was unlike any other across Wanrest and even beyond.

Master metalsmiths in the kingdom learned how to shape and solidify the frigid Mirrolium using extreme heat. Using the flames of living Infernauts, the liquid could be scorched into solid bars. However, these bars were nothing more than paperweights or signs of wealth. The Discovery of the Mirrolium bar’s considerable durability led to items of Mirrolium made using casts.

Mirrolium in solid form is nigh unbreakable and powerful. Tools made with the miracle substance perform exceedingly better than all other materials. They cut through wood and stone like a blazing blade through butter. Not only were Mirrolium objects durable, but they also captivated people. People would stop to stare at the beautiful metal for hours, almost in a trance. The rich would hold events centered around beholding their collection of Mirrolium objects.

Since it was mostly the wealthy who had access to the Mirrolium lakes, the most common objects made of Mirrolium were symbols of power. Crowns, emblems, and ceremonial swords of Mirrolium were a common sight within the nobility and royalty of Wanrest. The king is also rumored to have had a throne entirely made of Mirrolium. However, the throne has yet to be found.

Through theft and ambition, the lower classes could obtain Mirrolium scraps. At first, they would sell their pieces for a chance to rise in wealth and power. However, after the royalty claimed the Mirrolium Lakes and all Mirrolium, anyone with illegal Mirrolium could suffer harsh punishments. This led to underground Mirrolium trade and manufacturing. They made tools, weapons, and armor that surpassed their poor equipment. They hid their equipment by coating it in dirt or sometimes plating it with an inferior metal. While this caused great distress to them, they had to hide it, for the rebellion would require all the advantages it could get.

At some point before the ultimate fall of the Kingdom of Wanrest, the lower classes banded together and charged the royalty with their hidden supply of Mirrolium. The uprising lasted only a day before the rebels captured the royals as they failed to make anything of practical use with the Mirrolium. The Mirrolium lakes were harvested freely for several days, and the kingdom slowly fell into ruin. The remaining Mirrolium was fought over by the blade. It would seem that this warring destroyed the Kingdom of Wanrest, but something else brought about its end. Mirrolium was more than a fancy material, but they didn’t know that.

Mirrolium captures minds. As the Kingdom of Wanrest grew obsessed with the shiny material, they lost their minds in its reflection. Eventually, there was nothing left for the Mirrolium to take. Mindless husks wandered the ruins of a once prosperous kingdom, cradling their killer.

Modern Mirrolium

After a few decades, the Kingdom of Warnest grew silent and shrouded in dull fog devoid of light. The Mirrolium Lakes were gone, just like the life of the kingdom. Unravelers, Contenders, and explorers stumbled across the once-great land and acquired the Mirrolium artifacts. They discovered the considerable quality and efficiency of the tools. Additionally, they found that they could hear and sometimes see the reflections of previous owners of the objects. They communicated with the people in the mirrors and learned the kingdom's history.

Even after knowing the side effects of utilizing Mirrolium, the explorers stole the artifacts for their use. Some brought them to cities to sell. Others sought to use them to help them combat the horrors of the dungeon. Regardless, the Mirrolium was scattered across Wroughtsol.

To this day, Mirrolium is still desired. People go out to Wanrest searching for scraps. They dig into the ceiling and floor for any drops hidden away. Some do find the reflective treasure, but many spend their lives empty-handed. Even drops of the substance can sell for significant amounts.

The strong-willed and the mentally broken have proven capable of withstanding the pull into the reflection. This benefits many Contenders as directly challenging Wroughtsol is a decision that only the most determined or crazed can make. Thus, Contenders will pay high amounts for any Mirrolium. Each of the Ten Champions has several Mirrolium artifacts, some even handcrafted for their use, such as The Eternal Earthbreaker's heavy drill and pickaxe or The Fervent Flower's sickle and hoe.


If you find raw Mirrolium, only obtain it if you have the proper means. Steel containers can easily contain liquid Mirrolium for transport. With the Mirrolium, you can sell it for a tremendous amount, or if you have enough, take it to a skilled metalsmith to make it into a solid form. While you may not be resilient enough to withstand the effects, you can sell it for an even greater price or trade it away to a Contender for a valuable artifact.

Forged Mirrolium can be treated the same as raw Mirrolium. Get it off your hands before someone takes your life. Raw and forged Mirrolium attracts dangerous individuals who are more than willing to kill you for even a drop.

Contender Uses

If you are a Contender, hold onto the Mirrolium to have it forged into a unique tool for your efforts. It will be worth it eventually. Mirrolium tools are some of the best that Wroughtsol has to offer. They will make combating the monsters of the dungeon and venturing the caves much easier. As other Contenders are likely to have Mirrolium tools, you will need some of your own if they choose to attack you.

With the Mirrolium tools, you will find their considerable strength handy. However, do not lose control of your mind lest you lose it completely. The voices of those trapped in the mirror will ring as you use the tool. They will haunt your dreams forever. Stay mentally strong, and Mirrolium will be your best friend in the treacherous tomb that is Wroughtsol.

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