Middlerooms Level 1

(Level Colloquial Name)

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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 There are no threats present except the Ticket Collector.
Entity Count 1/5 There is only one confirmed Entity.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The train is presumably infinite; the supplies spawn randomly on the seats, the wagons change behind Ticket Collector.
Basset-Frazier Index 1/5 Level 1 is safe and habitable.



fig 1.0 Middlerooms Level 1.

Level 1 also known as "The Train of Fate" is a train with presumably infinite amounts of wagons. Every wagon looks similar in appearance, each containing 2 rows of green padded seats, and red walls with white trim. Walls may sometimes feature shelves which can be used to store items. Wagons are separated by white doors with windows, with short connecting walkways in-between entrances to wagons. Looking forward through them shows the recursion of endless wagons, looking at this for long periods of time may cause nausea and, in the worst cases, passing out. The temperature of the level is around 7 degrees Celsius, it's recommended to wear warm clothes for the autumn season while exploring the Level.

Outside of windows is noticed a space similar to outer space, but more of a purple shade; it's recommended to not go outside of a train. This space was used to discover that a train is actually moving forward to an unknown destination; it was discovered when Valeriy Albertovich noticed that stars and galaxies had changed their positions. This space seems to have filled with air, for some reason, therefore it's possible to breathe in this space. Outside of the train gravity doesn't exist, so if anyone unlucky enough will drift from the train to the point where it's impossible to get back, they will die from starvation. Outside of this, space doesn't have any active threats.

Various items may be found on the seats and shelves; they vary from supplies (like food) to dusted toys and everything in between.

The only threat on this Level is the only confirmed Entity labeled The Ticket Collector by Valeriy Albertovich. The Ticket collector most of the time just moves forward through the wagons, groping the space around him. The Ticket Collector is a big, pale and thin humanoid with torn-out eyes. Ticket Collector has very long arms which he uses to grope the space around him; these arms have very long claws that he uses to tear apart any person he catches. After killing the one he caught, he swallowes them whole. Ticket Collector seems very oppressed because of his blindness; while moving he moans presumably from the pain of his wounds, which seems to have the infection, presumably because this was made by a rusty weapon. Any wagons that he came through are disappearing. Ticket Collector is extremely hostile to anyone who doesn't have a "ticket", it's unknown how, but he automatically knows if the person he stumbled upon has the "ticket" or not. The eyes of Ticket Collector are torn out and his eyeholes have slashes around them, based on Valeriy Albertovich's logs, it was made by him with a knife he found on a Level; therefore, in the past Ticket Collector was not blind and used his sight to navigate through the Level, searching for those without "tickets". The aforementioned "ticket" is a piece of any paper that can be found on this Level, and is the crucial part for moving forward into the Middlerooms.
Some people believe, that there is one more Entity called Engineman; it's believed that he is driving the train to an unknown destination through the purple space.

Recommended Equipment

Backpack, warm clothes, food and water.

Valuable Resources

Jewels and valuable collectibles.

Recommended Actions

Just move forward through the doors, or pass through the Ticket Collector.


Outer Space Explorers

A small group of about 10 people who explore the Space outside the train. They use ropes to go outside and explore the exterior of the train as well. They were hired by MIR in order to explore the space behind the windows of a train in search for anything else except stars and galaxies in light-years distance; they haven't discovered anything yet. They do not provide wanderers any help; at least it's not their job.



There is no reliable way to enter Level 1 from Baseline Reality. Some people say, they entered Middlerooms while entering empty wagons on a train, they were passengers on. Some say they noclipped when they where stranded around rails.


There are 2 ways to exit Level 1

  • By passing through the Ticket Collector and entering the non-existing wagon behind him, you will come back to Baseline Reality, in the random, non-observable, not working train close to the place you enter.
  • By giving the ticket to Ticket Collector and sitting in a seat, you will eventually pass out and appear on Level 2.


The first Log of Valeriy Albertovich - the first person who discovered Middlerooms.
Valeriy Albertovich was a 16 years old student, interested in Liminal Spaces in search of anything anomalous. In his studies he stumbled upon the Middlerooms.

Valeriy Albertovich classified a large amount of Middlerooms information before he disappeared. He specifically classified the first four Levels, Entities and Objects.

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