Mend-Sedimen Energy

Mend-Sedimen Energy

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Mend-Sedimen Energy is an anomalous energy present within every level and is being constantly produced by The Eternal Sky. Mend-Sedimen Energy interacts with native matter in a way that allows it to repair large amounts of damage. This energy may also have to do with immortality within The Eternal Sky, though, more research is required.

The level element only interacts with matter native to The Backrooms and sound is believed to be contained within it. When a large amount of The Backrooms is damaged, this energy is released into the level in which it occurred, where it then repairs this damage. However, it does not react the same way to small damages, such as the ones in The Halls. When a repair is over, the energy dissipates over a long period of time.

Mend-Sedimen Energy is believed to interact with sound by containing the auricular energy within itself. When this energy then interacts with a Precursor Checkpoint Terminal, for a reason that is still unknown, the terminal transforms the energy into sound files.

Ur-Example: The Eternal Sky

Levels of Occurrence

This energy occurs in every known level besides levels containing Portal Shatter.

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