Mason, Mason Mason Mason, III

Mason, Mason Mason Mason, III

Mason, Mason Mason Mason, III

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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 2/5 The actions taken by the entity can result in the creation of dangerous situations and locations. Proceed with caution in its presence.
Frequency 3/5 The post-construction evidence of the entity is much more easily navigable than the time anyone attempting to locate him directly is having.
Intelligence 4/5 Master craftsman able to construct barricades out of seemingly any materials. Known to speak French, in a metropolitan dialect.
Pritoria Index 3/5 A lingering dynasty of stonemasons here to put up fences around the ephemeral, corralling the unknown into shrunken cells.

Relief sculpture said to be depicting an early member of the family Mason.


There are numerous walls in places they ought not exist, incomparable to the walls we choose to surround ourselves within. A builder self-identified as Mason, Mason Mason Mason III, appears to be the most recent standard-bearer in a dynastic lineage of master builders and constructors. Their institutional knowledge of barrier construction is unparalleled.

A high-pitched and nasally voice is reported when he speaks. Their hair has always been matted with dirt and debris. There is never a moment where his toolbox isn’t working for him. It appears he has a nigh-unlimited supply of construction materials, although he has never been seen operating heavy machinery.

Never seen not working on a project. Always busy, but never broken. It is unknown where he obtains the scaffolding used for putting together larger walls and other barriers to entry, as they do not linger like the finished blockages do.


There is no record of any Mason family member being aggressive with those who attempt to interfere with the building process, only reports of them disappearing as soon as they’re challenged, leaving that particular wall abandoned and unfinished.

The walls themselves are made of a custom brick that is sourced from unfound quarries. The stone is of high quality and the sealant used to combine them is Romanesque in its chemical composition. When asked where these materials come from, questioners will be told it is a “family secret.”

If one attempts to interrupt MMM3 at work, he will flee as large quantities of construction dust and debris cloud the vision of anyone trying to pursue. Frightful of weapons which will cause this response immediately if they are produced.


Appearing to be human, MMM3 is a short and stout masculine person who has always been seen completely covered in masonry dust and soot. Wearing goggles and a hard hat, the skin is calloused and they always have their boots on.

It has been reported that MMM3 has been seen falling from great heights, only upon landing to pick themselves back up and return to working. There has never been an attempt at inflicting deliberate injury. It is unknown whether or not the entity bleeds.

When seen eating or otherwise not building, the foodstuffs it attempts to gain nourishment from are unseen excepting for the sounds made during consumption, which have been likened to a running cement mixer.


Claiming to have been born from a father and grandfather, both named Mason, who shared his profession, it is unknown which dates of precious sightings may actually be in reference to previous generations.

The first reported sighting of the family Mason which is widely known dates to October 22, 1922. During the Russian Civil War, a soldier in the Anarchist Army was reported AWOL. When found, he claimed to have gone into a cave to relieve himself and found an architect constructing a wall blocking his way out. This story was not believed and the “deserter” was summarily shot.

More recent sightings say that the current builder, MMM3 prefers to work in prebuilt environments and has not been seen in a natural setting again, which has made some doubt the veracity of the 1922 claims assuming precious family members shared his preference.

Survival Guide

When in the living presence of MMM3 do not insult the structural integrity of the structures being built, you will find walls appearing where they weren’t and locking you into somewhere you may not want to be.

Walls bisecting Levels cannot be scaled, no matter the height in other sections of the Level. Do not attempt to scale or push past the walls, seek instead to find another way around. When you try climbing up a wall, you’ll find no way of getting back down again. Do not attempt. Better climbers than you have disappeared trying and there is nothing worth dying for up there.

If you find ways out to be lacking and there are walls surrounding you on all sides, your only escape may be tunneling. Masons build walls, but they have no foundations to speak of.

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