Lost Places Contest 2022

Faraway Stories from Lost Places

Many places have been lost to time. Some have faded from reality, others were obliterated by catastrophe. Yet others, perhaps, may still exist, drifting aimlessly in the great expanse, irreversibly severed of all connections.

We may never be able to return to these lands, but their voices still echo in the stories past told. To participate in this contest, write an article featuring a place that has been lost.

The contest is over!

Congratulations to AscriberAscriber for first place with a rating of +13 on Wanderer, Weeper, Brother's Keeper, and to VizloxVizlox for second place with a rating of +10 on Collapsing Sprawl. Finally, congratulations to Worm that WalksWorm that Walks for third place with a rating of +8 on The Spheres.
This was a really great contest. So many good entries, each of which felt very unique and explored new ground for the site. And lots of people voted on the entries, too. Thank you to everyone who participated!


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