Lore Contest 2022

Archivist Lore Contest 2022

You're a reader of the Archives: you've learned of limspaces and thresholds, discovered great and terrible places, all beyond belief, beyond real. But do you know the Archivists who wander those liminal spaces, and come back to tell the tale? To explore them is to risk everything, so why do it?


To participate in this contest, write an article that develops the lore of the Liminal Archivists. It can relate to the Liminal Archives as a whole, or to a specific group, or to an individual Archivist. Any article that develops on the Liminal Archivists in some way is allowed.

Options for what to write:

  • Write about the members of the Liminal Archives. What kind of people are they? What groups do they form?
  • Write about their assets. What kind of tools and equipment do they have? What kind of outposts do they operate from?
  • Anything else that relates to the Archivists. Feel free to be creative!

New to the site's lore? Read this short overview first: About the Liminal Archives

The term "Archivist" can be defined as anyone who has access to the Archives. The Archivists are not an organization; rather, the opposite. Anyone can call themselves an Archivist. Being an Archivist only means you are in the know, that you've learned about the worlds which most people are blind to.

Many Archivists would also choose to fly one of four banners. These, too, are not real organizations. Anyone can call themselves a Volumist, Visionist, Venturer, or Vagrant, and flying one of the banners doesn't grant access to any benefits on its own.

If you wish to take the leap and become not just a reader, but a wanderer of limspace, then you must have the guts to go it alone, or you'll need to find other Archivists. There are many who have joined together and formed real groups, some as small as a handful of associates who live in the same town, and others which have dozens of members across the globe. No matter the size, the members of each group share a mission and perspective that brought them together.

Archivist Group Descriptions

The four banners may not be real organizations, but they are useful for broadly categorizing the vast network of Archivists. In truth, most groups do not neatly fit under one of the following descriptions, but they should still provide a helpful overview.


Volumist groups are few in number, and tend to be the least welcoming to new members. They focus on maintaining the Archives by consolidating related documents, rectifying conflicting accounts, and searching for new knowledge of Liminality that has yet to be added to the Archives.


Visionist groups are scientific and studious, motivated by the acquisition of knowledge through observation and experimentation. Each group has its own area of study, and its own methods. Some prefer to learn from afar, studying liminality from a safe vantage point, while others dive deep into limspaces and don't return for weeks on end.


Venturers are more independent and most are not a part of any group. However, some do form their own organizations, oftentimes to operate Venturer outposts, where they work together to provide equipment and supplies useful for exploring limspaces. Most Venturer groups are local, only existing in single cities or towns.


Vagrant groups come in a wide variety, including humble spiritualists who seek a deeper connection with the universe, devout followers of real-world religions who view liminality through that lens, and the fringe cults who find entirely new faith within the realms of liminal space.


  1. Site rules still apply to entries submitting to this contest.
  2. Any type of article may be entered so long as it relates to the Archivists in some way.
    • Already uploaded articles cannot be entered but works-in-progress from before the contest may be entered.
    • Collabs are also accepted.
  3. Votes by authors on their own entries will not be counted toward final scoring.
  4. You are required to get crit like for any other article. Once voting begins, entries will be moved to the default category and treated like regular articles.
  5. Each author may submit up to three entries to the contest. Collaborations between multiple authors count as an entry for each author.


  1. There will be a six week writing and uploading period followed by a one week voting period.
    • Voting will be disabled during the six week period and resumed during the voting period.
  2. The contest winner will get the "contest-winner" tag on their article, the "Contest Winner" role on our Discord server and 5000 ActivityRank XP.
    • Second place and third place will get 2500 and 1000 experience respectively.
  3. For determining winners, each author's highest rated entry will be considered and the rest will not.
    • If an author manages to write two or three articles that wind up in the top three rated entries, the author will be awarded a custom role on the Discord called "Contest Legend" and a bonus 1000 XP for each entry.


  • Writing Starts: November 6
  • Voting Starts: December 26
  • Voting Ends: December 31 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Winners Announced: January 1
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