Limspace Contest 2021

Limspace Contest 2021

Limspaces are a unique concept developed within the embryonic stages of Liminal Archives — dubbed Neo-Backrooms at the time. Since the conception of this novel idea, writers have been expanding upon this and breaking the mold for this site. As a result, we are proud to announce our first ever Limspace Contest.

The first Liminal Archives contest is over!

Congratulations to VizloxVizlox and Worm that WalksWorm that Walks for tying for first place with a rating of 11 on each of their entries: Blue Static America and The Home, respectively. An additional congratulations to AlmardukAlmarduk and knaffladknafflad for tying for third place with a rating of 8 on their entries Amidst the starless skies, the lone Tower remains. and Cerulean Palace Ruins, respectively.

This was truly an amazing contest. Each entry brought something new to the writing meta of limspaces and will surely help to define our site's writing styles in the future. Thank you to the many people who read and rated on the contest entries. The engagement we've had has been fantastic.

Contest entrants: leave your contest article as-is. You may repost your entries as official limspaces on new pages with the appropriate tags. Make any additional edits on your sandbox before uploading, and make sure to get crit if you didn't already. The existing contest entries will remain archived and voting is now locked.

Once articles are reuploaded, users should vote on them again based on the merits of the article on its own, rather than in the context of a contest. Also, if the article undergoes any major editing before reuploading, you should reread before voting.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this contest so great! We look forward to the next one!


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