The Leviathan


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Entity Classification

Malevolence 5/5 The Leviathan lacks any empathy for the struggles or pain of humans and relishes in causing them suffering.
Interaction 5/5 Claiming to feed off of fear and capable of mentally controlling human proxies, the Leviathan actively causes torment.
Pritoria Index 5/5 The Leviathan has never been encountered in person by members of the UNCB, yet is powerful enough to cause us harm from far distant levels.
- - This is an entity dangerous and enigmatic enough to be considered a hostile, unavoidable force of nature.

Habitat (Presumed): The Oxygen Ocean

"Within the ocean, leviathans lurk…"

An ancient beast, millenia old, stalking deep within the void. He who is out of reach, but whose reach is endless. That which is unknowable, but knows us all.

The lurking evil which was awaiting us within the Promethean Database, poised to strike through the curious nature of time and fate.


A drawing of the Leviathan as it appeared in the dreams of a UNCB citizen.

▸⠀Like classic stories of old which we took for fiction.

Why were we surprised to find that Limspaces house cosmic entities?

In the Backrooms we are nothing more than uninvited guests. An invasive species who never belonged here; who stumbled in by cosmic chance. We should have expected this - and everything worse - to search us out and exploit us in any way possible. The Leviathan was inevitable, just as our curiosity is unquenchable. With each step forwards into the unknown we risk entangling ourselves deeper with the dangers of the Backrooms.

Perhaps this newest discovery will give us some pause.

Perhaps it will be our last.


The Leviathan has only been seen in dreams, rendering a physical description up to speculation. Asking citizens who have seen the Leviathan in their dreams to draw what they have seen yields a common theme: a serpentine beast with six eyes, spiked forked tongue, two limbs similar in structure to wings but lacking the membrane, and vast. Massive, potentially planet sized.

With our knowledge of it stemming only through dreams and its message of introduction from a mentally controlled human proxy, it is impossible to declare anything certain about its description or intent. We can extrapolate, however, that the Leviathan is a backrooms deity of great power who feeds off of human fear and despair. It also has demonstrated the ability to control the minds of people who are leaning into insanity.

The Leviathan's higher understanding of time and space allows it to interact with anything within its "threads of influence". We are still coming to understand the scope of this ability but we believe the Leviathan's awareness extends beyond a singular point of time and instead across all time, being present in past and future. This suggests the Leviathan belongs to a higher dimension where time is not an influence upon it but rather something tangible it can manipulate. With this ability, our very knowledge of its domain was enough for it to, in turn, be aware of us as well. To explain in simpler terms: picture connecting two dots with a line. The first dot being an event in the past and the second being an event in the future. If those two events at any time influence each other, the Leviathan has already seen this "line" of influence and can interact with either dot due to its presence in both past and future.

Due to its near omnipresence, now that it has turned its gaze upon us it will be aware of us forever. Collectively, we are cast now within the shadow of the Leviathan. We know it has the power to kill via mental attacks. We know it can invade our dreams. We have taken preventative measures to keep us safer, see below. Maintaining stoic mental resilience is the best defense we can have in the wake of the Leviathan's influence.


The Leviathan is an entity which claims to feed off of fear. Our minds are fertile crops of sustenance for the beast, and the more chaotic and desperate we become, the deeper his influence may take root. Because of this, the Leviathan chooses not to systematically kill us - but would rather toy with us in a deliberate attempt to strike fear into our hearts and minds. The Leviathan engages in twisted, awful manipulation to make us turn on one another and challenge our sanity. It has demonstrated the ability to control human minds entirely.

Neither the Leviathan nor the level it resides in have been physically confirmed by the UNCB, making further Behaviors and Biology impossible to confirm.


Since the Leviathan cannot be confirmed to exist, theories about the supposed actual cause of the mental assaults on humanity have come to mind. Since the only evidence of its existence is based solely on what it has told us it is, we cannot assume it is telling the truth. What follows are potential causes of the Leviathan's attack and alternative explanations for the collective dream.

▸⠀A Brotherhood of Lim Weapon:

We cannot rule out the possibility that the Brotherhood has been experimenting with weaponized mind control. If they have discovered a technology or capability that allows them to inflict long-distance mental attacks then we must be on high alert. The Brotherhood may have fabricated the Leviathan entirely as a way to direct our attention away from this possibility.

Whether or not the BoL was responsible for this attack, we must stay resolute and keep the knowledge of this attack hidden from their zealots. Showing weakness within the UNCB will only strengthen their cause.

▸⠀A Backrooms Manifestation:

The Backrooms themselves hold so many mysteries and secrets that we are oblivious to. It is possible that this dream was nothing more than random chance - a manifestation of the Backrooms itself toying with us. Wanderers who already consider the Backrooms a form of purgatory may resonate with this possibility; that the Leviathan is but another trial to cleanse us of sin.

Whether you consider the Leviathan a malevolent deity or merely a trial takes equally unique leaps of faith to fully believe.

▸⠀An Unknown Entity:

An unlikely - yet reassuring - theory suggests that a much less imposing entity was the cause of this attack. The Leviathan spoke through Brandon Cooper alone, and the rest of us through dreams; leading to a theory that Cooper was targeted by an unknown entity which drove him to insanity. It killed him, and influenced the rest of us with a mild psionic attack.

Cooper's settlement may be stalked by a less omnipresent entity which fabricated the Leviathan as a distraction technique to direct our attention away from the actual source.

Despite these theories and the debated "real" source of the mental attack, the Leviathan poses an immediate and potent threat to all of humanity. We cannot let our guard down and must prepare for the worst case scenario.

▸⠀A closing note:

We should further ponder this terrifying thought: is it lying? If our assumptions of the Leviathan as a higher dimensional being are true, then it could have introduced itself at any time. Why did it wait until our discovery of the Ocean to make contact? Was the Leviathan actually limited in his influence until that moment? There are holes in his story and missing pieces to our understanding of his capabilities. Take everything presented in this document as Humanity's 'best guess' regarding the nature of this threat. What is 'truth' may not be as simple as we once imagined.

Safety Precautions:

To prevent catastrophic damage in the event the Leviathan attacks again, the following actions and mindsets are encouraged at all times.

  • Maintain mental stability. Weak minds may be susceptible to the Leviathan's influence.
  • Keep a dream journal. Talk to others about strange dreams you have.
  • Sleep with a "Buddy System" in mind. Mental attacks have caused people to inflict physical harm to themselves while they were dreaming. Wake your buddy if they cannot escape the dream.
  • Communicate unexplained mood swings or emotional outbursts with other people
  • Master your fear. The Leviathan hungers for those who are controlled by their terror.
  • Stay vigilant.

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