ยป Level Elements


A level is a portion of The Backrooms. Each level is different in one way or another. These levels can typically be accessed through a "gateway"1. These levels house most, if not all the information and space in The Backrooms. These levels have no specific placement and can overlap each other.

Quantum Stability

Some levels are quantum stable. These levels are the most commonly known quantum stable levels and are the only ones someone can noclip into. These include, but are not limited to:

Quantum Fluctuant

Most levels are quantum fluctuant. This means that people have to get to them after getting into The Backrooms.

These levels contain negatives, normals, secrets, and sub-levels. They are listed in clusters and every 1000 levels a new cluster starts. These are listed below:

Normal Levels

Normal Levels are the bread and butter of The Backrooms. These levels are the most stable and easy to get to. All levels in this list have been thoroughly explored and documented.

In-between normal levels are the sub-levels, subsets to existing levels.

Level Zero

Level 0 is the quantum-neutral Level, a bridge between positive and negative Levels and the center of the Backrooms.

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Negative Levels

Negative Levels are disputed among many people. These levels are distorted and confusing to the human mind. They can be extremely unstable and chaotic or be monotonous.

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