Level Concrete

The following document is heavily super-mega-classified. You will DIE if you think It’s real. Level Concrete is the backrooms of the level. Absolute obliteration of the conspirators. You think we’re fucking around?

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  • jesus fucking christ awful levels never before seen

Laying still, outside of an unnamed outpost, is something that closely resembles a man. Yet, it does not breathe, nor does the heart pulse upon close inspection. It is not a corpse, says those who are close to it. No one can tell how long it has been there, but after hours of inspection, it has yet to grow cold. Attempting to make sense of this information are two hesitant survivors, making theories and cautiously watching it from various distances. They know what The Halls have to offer, and it more often than not isn’t anything to pursue.

It could be a lure, or a decoy – one of them considers this conclusion. The other dismisses the worry of the first, pondering upon the fact that its presence could bring unwanted beasts near where they have cobbled together a place to stay. The first, condemned to only watch, focuses on the other as the body is lifted. To their surprise, a collection of supplies lies beneath, having the makeshift disposition of something they would throw together in this place.

To think the man would just collapse, mere moments from meeting the ones who now look upon his corpse? Not only is this highly unlikely, but also highly suspect. The first of the two survivors heads back towards the adjacent room, and beckons the other to follow. The second wanderer, though, has other ideas. Overturning every stone off the beaten path is what led this wanderer to where they are, having avoided the dangers of The Halls both practical and otherworldly. And so, after the futile attempt of awakening the man, they linger.

A path of minor damage in The Halls stems from this man. Not visible unless under close inspection, the carpet seems especially damaged. Not only that, the wallpaper begins to tear in some parts. This is commonplace, but the orientation and specific placement of the irregularities perplexes the pair. A step is taken. Then, another. Their chances of return begin to falter. It is not long before they are adrift, alone. Keenly aware of their surroundings but feeling as if they could be taken away at any second. The wallpaper has completely moldered and torn away, revealing what lies underneath to be ccMMe3nETN– CEMENT CEMCNET C

You can only watch. You think It’s over? We’re just getting started. It will always get worse.


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