Level 7
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Level Classification

Difficulty 4/5 Zero light, bottomless, dangerous entities, unstable in general.
Entity Count 4/5 Large amounts of aggressive entities.
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Zero natural photons.
Basset-Frazier Index 3.667/5 This Level is extremely dangerous and will lead to your death if stayed in for a prolonged amount of time.



fig 1.0 Sonar image of inside of Level 7 cooling tower.

Level 7 is an infinite space in complete darkness, filled with a layered maze of railingless catwalks, pipes, and infinitely tall cooling towers. The temperature hovers around 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius), so warm clothing is advised. Level 7 does not merely lack light, there is no such thing as light in Level 7, any light source taken into Level 7 will cease to emit light upon entering. The main dangers in Level 7 are of walking off the edge of a railingless catwalk in the darkness and falling to your death, freezing from the cold, being accosted by bandits, or getting attacked by entities. The level is inhabited by groups of bandits that climb along the pipes in the darkness, having memorized their layout. Some bandits are believed to even make use of human echolocation to navigate in the absence of light. The level is also inhabited by long-limbed humanoid entities known as Pipe Dwellers, which are attracted to sound. These entities should be avoided as they are carnivorous and, while they lack strength individually, they will easily overpower wanderers, as they hunt in packs.

It is believed that the energy that would have become real photons in Level 7 is instead emitted as neutrinos. The pipes in Level 7 receive waste heat from levels all across The Backrooms, which they run through cooling towers. Rather than emitting thermal radiation in the form of infrared light, the towers emit neutrinos instead. Together with Level 3, Level 7 completes The Backrooms energy cycle, serving as the heat sink. Neutrinos seem to behave mostly as they do in our universe, passing harmlessly through most matter as if it did not even exist. This allows Level 7 to absorb enormous amounts of waste heat without overheating itself. Very rarely, neutrinos can impact normal matter, energizing it as if struck by a photon. The high concentration of neutrinos in Level 7 makes this relatively common, causing occasional flashes in the eyes when enough neutrinos strike the retina to overcome the minimum detection threshold. Level 7 is not a safe environment in any way, and the UNCB does not recommend spending extended periods of time in it, and if possible it is recommended to avoid it entirely.


Due to the difficulty and nature of this level, permanent civilizations are unfeasible and impossible to sustain for lengthy periods of time.

Entrances and Exits


Level 7 can be entered by going through shadows in The Boiler Room of Level 6. Any of this level's sub-levels are also entrances.

Level 7 can also be entered via holes found in the tiled floor of Level 20.


The only exits from Level 7 are pipes and cooling towers. By going walking through the center of a cooling tower, you will end up underwater in Level 8. By going through an open pipe, you will end up inside one of the buildings in Level 8. Other exits include Level 7's sub-levels.

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