Level 5
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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 The weather is the one threat to wanderers.
Entity Count 0/5 N/A
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Violent storms and non-Euclidean geometry make this level chaotic.
Basset-Frazier Index 1.3/5 This level is relatively anomalous.



fig 1.0 Level 5.

Level 5 is an infinite, empty office in a perpetual thunderstorm. All the lights in this level are off and the only light is from the windows. The office shows considerable non-Euclidian properties, including hallways that cross through each other without intersecting, multiple rooms that occupy the same space, and most famously the windows to the outside present in every single room. The outside of the level is an infinite empty void containing only the room it is viewed from and the ever-present thunderstorm. Both the rain and the clouds of the thunderstorm are composed of Almond Water, making almond water very easily obtainable on Level 5, simply by opening a window and allowing it to blow in. It is said that season changes occur once every decade. It is presumed to change in 7 years.

The main danger of Level 5 is the storm itself, which can occasionally become quite violent and even destroy rooms. Gale force winds and almond waterspouts have been known to form in the great storm beyond. The storm frequently destroys rooms, and opening the door to one of the destroyed rooms will reveal a torn-off section of the building, exposing the interior to violent winds. Rooms appear to regenerate when destroyed, although this process takes several days to complete. Level 5 is entirely devoid of entities, and as such it is considered easy to explore for the most part. Despite being one building, rooms can be flooded singularly and it is quite common.

Typical office supplies, decorations, and machines can be found around this level, making it a good source of supplies. Many communities are based here.


UNCB Outpost Hartkirch

An outpost that serves as a resting place for new wanderers before they enter the trials of Levels 6-9. With a population of about two hundred, some wanderers choose to just remain as permanent residents of the outpost and avoid the dangers of the following levels.

Liberated Outpost Monarush

Monarush was established by The Liberated in an effort to expand their reach, as Level 5 is a common stopping point for new travelers. The effort was successful, as they have seen an extreme increase in citizenship since the establishment of Monarush.

Assorted Camps

Many camps are found in various areas of Level 5. These camps are easy to run into and are mostly abandoned.

Entrances and Exits


Level 5 can be entered through the offices in Level 4. Other ways to enter Level 5 are its sub-levels.


The only exits from Level 5 lead to Level 6 through an ornate hotel door found in some areas. Or through Level 5's sub-levels.

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