Level 3
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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Flooded rooms, rock bursts, drafts of air, and heat that can boil people alive make this level difficult to traverse.
Entity Count 2/5 Has a medium entity count, though they usually avoid humans.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 This level contains random drill shafts and floods with liquid.
Basset-Frazier Index 2/5 This level is anomalous, even more so than previous quantum stable levels.



fig 1.0 Level 3

Level 3 in an infinite subterranean complex filled with pipes and machinery. The majority of the complex is a network of service tunnels filled with pipes transporting various fluids, most commonly an anomalous coolant. The conditions of the underground match those of the earth’s crust at an approximate depth of 20 miles (~30 kilometers). The main purpose of the network of pipes is to keep the complex at habitable temperatures in the boiling underground, so touching them is not advised. The rock is under enormous pressure and if disturbed may spall violently in a rockburst, sending red-hot fragments flying at high speed in all directions. The extreme temperature difference between the walls and cooling pipes has been known to create powerful weather patterns within the tunnels, including dust devils strong enough to throw about a person.

The halls are narrow and cut directly from the rock, apparently by means of tunnel boring machines. They connect between a number of vertical drills and various processing facilities, transporting power, coolant, and occasionally molten magma. The level extends infinitely upwards but only a finite depth downwards, however; the machinery of the level seems to be continuously boring out deeper and deeper tunnels, extending itself further into the super-heated rock like an enormous Von-Neumann machine. If the entire level was constructed this way it has to be assumed that it has been operating for an infinite amount of time. Vacuum-sealed doors are seen commonly throughout Level 3. These doors are always in rows of two. Opening two at the same time can cause a large draft of wind and it is highly advised not to do this. The area between two doors is typically flooded or filled with a deadly fungus.

No entities have been spotted roaming the halls in Level 3. One type of entity lives in the pipes, going by the name of crawlers. These pipes can be traversed but it is recommended to have a weapon and travel away from dents and noises. Do keep in mind that these pipes can fill with any liquid at any time.

Level 3, being devoid of any objects, makes supplies necessary for further exploration.


Due to the difficulty of this level, permanent civilizations are unfeasible and impossible to sustain for lengthy periods of time.

Entrances and Exits


Level 3 can be entered by going down hatches in Level 2. Any of this level's sub-levels are also entrances.


The only exits from Level 3 are service doors with the drill shafts. These doors lead to Level 4. Other exits include Level 3's sub-levels.

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